Things I Love About Second Life, #962

Mon Versailles (moderate)

I don’t actually know, I wasn’t there. I can, however, imagine the process and the thinking behind what I found today so, until proven otherwise, this is what happened.

Imagine you’re a resident of Second Life and you have a passion for 18th Century French Court fashion.

Mon Versailles (moderate)

You have made a range of clothes for people to use in role play or, if you’re a vampire fashionisto I happen to know,  just to add to your already eclectic wardrobe.

It might be that you’ve decided to build yourself a new store and you have an idea ……..

Mon Versailles (moderate)

Your clothes would look much better if they were displayed in the appropriate setting. Of course, that would be something like Versailles↑. So you start to build and realize that the structure alone wouldn’t be enough.

Gardens, statuary, giant reflecting ponds …. all of these would be required to complete the background and atmosphere evoked by your creations.

Mon Versailles (moderate)

It doesn’t take very much time before you are in the middle of a 3 sim creation. I mean, the palace alone needs a fair number of prims and you need space for the grounds and peacocks do need room to wander.

If you’re Ninjah Valeeva↑, I believe, this is exactly what happened. The build is still under construction, but you’ll find her court creations inside the royal residence. The virtual world allows all of us to see what we imagine come to life. :)

Mon Versailles (moderate)
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  1. Great to see other people using SL to share their passion of history.
    That’s what went trough my mind when I build 1920s Berlin.
    SL is such an amazing tool, it allows us to recreate the past, to travel trough time!
    More sims like that please!

  2. Wow! I love it! I love visiting your blog and seeing the pictures you show or just reading your thoughts! You are a wonderful, bright person! *hugs*


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