Insight Forest & Contemplating Jackassery in Second Life

Insight Forest (moderate)

Today’s visit was to Insight Forest↑, a very unusual gallery space in the middle of the ocean. It’s beautiful from any angle or distance and the minimalist approach means that the photos being exhibited are the focus.

Of course, it takes me a while to get past the landscape. I’ll let you experience the pieces on your own – the artists are wonderful and their works are stunning.

Insight Forest (moderate)

You’ll find a display of the following talents:

 Amelie Knelstorm
Citta Wiskee
Jordan Giant
Kamelia Snowfield
Kean Kelly
Maclane Mills
Rodriguez Munro
Sare Ethaniel
Whiskey Monday

Insight Forest (moderate)

Kamelia Snowfield↑ and Absencen (Maclane Mills)↑ have also provided a small islet for contemplation (at least that’s what I used it for).

I actually have a very narrow window every day to explore for these blog posts. Sometimes I can’t do what I want as a result. For example, I’ve been trying to visit Misali↑ and show you the changes, but the sim has been full everytime I attempt to get there. Luckily many people, including Inara↑ and Ziki↑, have made it and can share with you what I’ve missed.

Insight Forest (moderate)

I had a sim in mind the other day and teleported in all prepared to take some shots and write a post. The build looked really good, and I would have highly recommended it, until I read the land info.

It seems they don’t want “Noobs or Uglies” visiting there. The first term is one I really detest.  The second is a bit subjective, but I suspect I would be included in that category. I won’t be going back. I spent my contemplation time at Insight Forest↑ thinking about jackasses. :)

Insight Forest (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  March 10, 2013

    On the one hand, people are free to run their regions as they please; on the other, I wonder if they ever consider how their own actions can impact the “success” (traffic-wise, etc.), of their creations.

    The back-end of last year, I visited a region by an artist you’ve featured here (in fact, you’ve covered another of his builds quite recently). I did so using my “Crash Test Alt” (so-called, because I generally use it when running pre-release or experimental viewers). It’s hard to miss the fact that it’s my alt because its group tag default is “Inara Pey Incognito”.

    While visiting said sim, the artist turned up, sent a less than polite IM and banned my alt from the region – and followed up with a demand that I only visit “in person”. When I declined, he opted to follow those up with a series of taunting IMs clearly (from the content) aimed at trying to get me to post about him and his region anyway – even negatively. Needless to say, I didn’t. Nor have I visited any of his other works. No small loss to him at the end of the day, as I don’t cover art that deeply. However, I have wondered since how many other people have been summarily booted from his works as they are using avatars which somehow offend / upset him …

    • good grief! I’m not aware of anybody I cover doing that – but I’ll apologize to any of my readers who followed my advice, visited this guy and then had a bad experience. The jerks should wear a sign.

      • Inara Pey

         /  March 10, 2013

        As mentioned, wasn’t in any way blaming you;’ in fact, found his installation in question via the DG (and should have indicated that above – blame the weather and a cat who is insisting on trying to drown himself outside).

        It’s more a case of trying to indicate that you just can’t tell at times. Your experience was good; mine bad, purely based on the presence (or otherwise) of the artist; and that people just don’t seem to think in terms of how their attitudes / prejudices can adversely impact what they’re trying to achieve.

      • oh no I got that – and you’re right, I wish people would think before they revealed too much of their less than admirable traits. :)

    • slutrix

       /  March 10, 2013

      Indeed, we are all entitled to run our land as we please and set our own terms and rules. However, when a certain build is designed to attract and generate traffic, publicity and fame for its creator, then s/he should take some factors into consideration.

      For instance, it is quite common for griefers to use brand new, disposable accounts for their purposes. It sounds (I’m not sure whether it is) plausible to ban such avatars, i.e. avatars less than a day old or less than a week old. It may seem unfair for someone who heard/read about the build, had no existing SL account and decided to create one simply because of that build; one could, however, counterargue here that someone who actually wants to “play by the rules” in SL will not mind postponing the visit. For me, the jury’s still out on this particular policy.

      As for the “no uglies” rule, indeed this is extremely arbitrary and subjective: how does the land owner define who is ugly and who is not? For instance, I have certain kinds of avatar in mind that I consider hideous – some others love them and perhaps find me ugly instead. This is a criterion that can really be stupid when used to define the house rules for an artistic build that tries to appeal to as many people as possible.

      Then again, don’t forget that certain “artists” out there are assholes on purpose, because they think this helps their own image – one could say that they turn their innate asshattery into an exaggerated, calculated and premeditated publicity policy.

      And here lies the question: What are we, the viewing public, willing to accept and let someone get away with?

  2. Inara Pey

     /  March 10, 2013

    (Should also state, I’m not in any way blaming you in mentioning you’ve covered his work. Just that his work is popularly covered.)

  3. I would leave as well. Of course the landowner has the right, etcetera, but I have the right to leave when I don’t feel very welcome at all. And I’m quite egalitarian – if a “noob” or an “ugly” is not welcome, then neither am I.

    • I shouldn’t be, but I’m constantly surprised when people limit their sims by characteristics such as species (at a dance club) or “beauty”. :)

  4. Winter

     /  March 10, 2013

    I’m going to ignore the body and intent behind this post to just assure you that Honour McMillan? You are so far removed from ugly that you wouldn’t be able to see it with the Hubble.

  5. Honour’s inner beauty always comes through. And I like the term “noobie.” I’m always a noobie at something I try until I get better. If I get better. For some things I’m a Permanoob.

  6. Kamelia

     /  April 3, 2013

    Beautiful pictures of Insight Forest you took. Thank you for visiting and blog about it :)

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