Before Amelia is No Longer Missing in Second Life

Amelia is Missing (moderate)

The latest round of LEA Grants↑ ended on February 28th. However, some of the exhibits are still up and available to visit this weekend. I took advantage of this to finally explore Amelia is Missing↑ by Seraph Kegel↑.

Amelia is Missing (moderate)

This is a full sim installation which “doesn’t tell a story of an avatar that has been gone missing while trying to search for herself”.

For the photographers among you, I used the default windlight setting, but did change the time of day. :)

Amelia is Missing (moderate)

I’m very glad I had this last opportunity to check out Amelia and I’m sorry I didn’t do it earlier. If you have some time this weekend then I strongly suggest you type LEA on the map and teleport around the various sims. The works are varied and fascinating and closing in just over a day.

Amelia is Missing (moderate)

I also spent a little time this morning helping somebody with their graphics settings to improve performance. I wish there was a central location for some basics which we learn over time but new residents can’t be expected to know.

I’ll try and write a post with the ones I’ve settled on – not that mine are perfect, but maybe that will help somebody. In the meantime, I really wish the Lab would just put on the splash screen the tweaks I should make to accommodate their programming changes. Yes, I’m laughing at that as well. :)

Amelia is Missing (moderate)
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  1. I would LOVE to know a little more about your graphics settings as well!

    • I’ll try to pull together something coherent :)

      • awww…thank you Honour! It would mean a lot to me. I LOVE photography…although mine is more of the fashion type…but I always feel like I am doing something wrong. It always seems SO hard to get a good pic. I have a fairly new….about 1 yr old iMac…perhaps that is part of the problem…idk. But it seems like I just push it to the LIMIT with fps dropping below ONE many times! I would love to know if there is something I am doing wrong, or could do better…or what tips or tricks others have found out about to which I am still clueless! So I LOVE it when people share! Thanks so much!

  2. caramia Mizin

     /  March 3, 2013

    Honor, thanks for the heads up on ‘Amelia” I have been to a few LEA sims to date, always happy to visit new installations/sim. 5 Stars for your posts, I enjoy them.


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