Meta_Body II, Getting my Avatar on in Second Life

Meta_Body II (moderate)

It all started, what feels like, a long time ago. The artistic minds Capcat Ragu↑ and Meilo Minotaur↑ started their project called Meta_Body↑ in which they offered numerous avatars free for our taking.

They then asked residents to use those avatars as their starting point and create their own. Those creations, and a few more by Capcat & Meilo, are available as part of Meta_Body II↑.

Stage I (moderate)

They received 26 submissions from 22 participants – everyone from well known artists to new residents. Those new avatars are available to us for discovery and indulgence.

The avatar as an artform is fascinating to me and I can’t resist acquiring new ones.

Stage II (moderate)

The sim has been redesigned to celebrate and distribute these creations. You’ll find them grouped in 4 stages – plus the original landing point which still offers the group that began this whole process.

So, while you engage in a hunt of sorts, you will find art and sound and magic to add to the experience.

Stage III (moderate)

Each stage is very different and reflects the nature of the members of the avatar group you can collect at that location.

I spent time admiring the backdrops and then finding the avatars. Too much time – I decided to stop collecting while I finished this post. I’ll go back though, I want them all.

Stage IV (moderate)

I did take a moment to try on the first new avatar I had collected – they’re a mystery to you until you wear them (although you can get a portfolio of photos if you’re curious).

I will need a perfect occasion for each – which, frankly, is my daily life. Don’t be surprised if you meet me in this one, Gorgonia by Moki Yuitza↑. I have a friend who wears animal legs so he doesn’t have to buy shoes – this will be a good option for me. :)

Meta_Body II (moderate)
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  1. I love this concept and execution!

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