A Rainy Sunday in Second Life

2304 Rain (moderate)

I’ve been a huge fan of Squonk Levenque↑, and his gorgeous sim Treptower Park↑, which you must visit if you haven’t. Learning from Ziki Questi↑ that he has a new one was very exciting.

Squonk’s obsession with rain is still in evidence and done brilliantly.

2304 Rain (moderate)

2304 Rain↑ has his trademark atmosphere and some very cool surprises. One thing, though, made my visit a little strange.

I know that major advances have been achieved in scripting apparently random bird flight over the years.  The days of a simple circular flight path are long gone.

2304 Rain (moderate)

When I first landed inside the shack I noticed some interesting art on the walls – one of which looks like a portrait of my mental image of Squonk . It probably isn’t him but I prefer to pretend it is.

I was looking through one of the windows and saw a bird pass right outside. I thought that would make a great photo so I set up my camera and waited, finger poised over the snapshot button, for it to reappear.

2304 Rain (moderate)

I waited, too afraid to look away or adjust any settings, for 15 minutes. The damn bird didn’t come back.

Now, I know that new levels of random have been conquered, but that’s a long time. I also know I’m sleep deprived, but I did not imagine this bird. It would have been a great shot.

I call the next photo “The Bird That Wasn’t There”. sigh

2304 Rain (moderate)
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  1. These are some of the best photos of SL I’ve seen. Are these screen shots or do you Photoshop? Either way, these are wow.
    PS. I think Ausaf’s Gravatar is really cool.
    PPS. My vocabulary seems to have been reduced to jr. high awesomeness.

    • LOLOLOL I use gimp to crop/rescale – otherwise it’s just the snapshot button inworld.:)

      • Crop/rescale doesn’t count as “enhanced” imo, since if you futz around with the camera controls inworld you can “crop”. Well. Screen shot, eh? Those of us with crappy computers salute you. :)

  2. Thanks for the mention, and I agree—it’s a beautiful sim. (I had a similar experience trying to catch the birds!)

  3. Personally, I think that bird must have had some kind of artificial intelligence. An evil, mocking artificial intelligence.
    After you left, Honour, it was actually circling my head at times – up until the moment I had an image framed exactly the way I wanted it. Then it would disappear, only to come back when I wasn’t ready.
    Taunting me, mocking me… but it is an amazing sim

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