Calm Acceptance In Second Life

Onigashima (moderate)

I’ve long believed that making our way through life involves, in part, creating our own philosophies. I don’t mean, in this instance, moral codes or ethical standards or rules. I’m referring to the way we approach developments in our daily existence.

For example, although I would reject many aspects of Kaizen↑, I do attempt to achieve continuous improvement in various aspects of my behaviour and (modest) skills.

Onigashima (moderate)

One area I still find difficult is calm acceptance. I don’t mean passivity. I use it to refer to the acknowledgement that shit will happen. If I waste time being surprised or, even worse, fight against the cosmic forces seemingly conspiring against me then I can only blame myself for having little energy left to deal with the facts.

So. Fine!

Onigashima (moderate)

I calmly accept that nobody else is going to care how much sleep I need or get. Fine! Bring on your flaky spaniels to add to the household – having a kitten wrapped around my head and clutching my hand for most of the night isn’t going to bother me.

Having the sound of a volkswagen engine (which he insists is a purr) screaming in my head just means that I’ll sleep some other time.

Onigashima (moderate)

Falling into a blank state at my computer won’t be a problem. I’ll just pretend I’m afk, and if I spout garbage in chat then I’m sure it’s code for something profound. Having 6 animals following me around every time I get up is just an opportunity to develop my ability to dodge and weave. Besides, bruises build character.

In my darkest moments, when I’m not feeling terribly calm, I think that just maybe I should be adopting Sun Tzu’s Art of War↑ as my life strategy instead. I can’t remember if it includes a chapter on sleep though. I’ll have to do some research, just as soon as these agents of the galactic conspiracy back off.

Onigashima (moderate)
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  1. Seicher Rae

     /  February 22, 2013

    I look forward to your blog, both for the photos and the editorial content. There was one concept I didn’t understand in this one though. What is sleep? Like you I will consult ancient Chinese texts…

  2. There is no chapter on sleep in The Art of War. But I hope for you that your enemies haven’t read Sun Tzu, for he implores his reader to give the enemy no rest if he is taking his ease. I foresee more flaky spaniels.

  3. This is slightly beside the point of the story, but I saw the pictures and I had to take some shots of my own.

    IRT Sun Tsu – while there is no chapter on sleep in the art of war, there is much about superior preparation. To me, that includes the practice of strategic and tactical napping.


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