Losing Stuff & Second Life

Manilism (moderate)

I started a list of things I seem to have lost. Oh not my enthusiasm for Second Life or projects or stuff like that. Ancillery things that I, at least, take for granted and seem to have vanished.

Again, no, I’m not talking about my youth. Although it would be nice to rediscover some of that, particularly since I blame that loss on my periodic inability to remember nouns. :)

Manilism (moderate)

I seem to have lost touch with current cultural references for one thing. There are new memes like the sloth↑ and some dance craze↑ that have, until now, managed to slip completely under my radar.

I need an hour everyday just to try and keep up.

Manilism (moderate)

I also seem to have misplaced a great deal of muscle tone. It will come as a shock to those who don’t spend an excessive amount of time on the computer that it can be exhausting.

I need to find 90 minutes a day to get back to the gym before I’m just a puddle on the floor.

Manilism (moderate)

My debit card is missing as well. I’ll blame that on the kittens and assume it’s here somewhere, when I have a chance to look.

What I obviously need is more time. A friend complains that Amazon has stopped selling 48 hour days and I can only hope they’re planning to reissue them. I’ll be ready once I find my account password.

Manilism (moderate)
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  1. Your Amazon account password is probably a noun, but if the kittens have your debit card you are probably broke and have a garage filled with tins of tuna.


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