Split Screen, Sense & Sensibility in Second Life

Pixel Sideways @ Split Screen (moderate)

I’ve always called them “yellow stickies” because that’s the colour they all were at the beginning. They’ve been a necessary life tool for me ever since their invention and right now there are dozens all over my desk and screen.

Each of them has a location written on it that I really want to go visit. It’s going to take a while to catch up, but I started today at Split Screen↑. Dividni Shostakovich↑ always has two installations at his gallery and I went to see the latest.

Pixel Sideways @ Split Screen (moderate)

These two exhibits are by Pixel Sideways↑ and Yooma Mayo↑. Pixel brings us Afterlife because “Calling this exhibition Afterlife solved the issue of coming up with a catchy and pretentiously apropos artsy name. :-)”

It’s a darkly lit exploration of Pixel’s imagination with sound and surprise. Wander through the maze-like rooms and click on things. It’s like reading a collection of short stories with objects that are interactive and the whole work will continue to evolve.

Pixel Sideways @ Split Screen (moderate)

Yooma’s work is entitled Yes, Giovanni and includes two of his/her glorious flying creatures. The notes on this exhibit include the following tantalizing clues:

1: The words that he couldn’t tell absolutely.
2: The words that he wanted to tell most.
3: And the answer that everyone wants to hear.
4: “Let us go together. Campanella.”
0: for “Night on the Galactic Railroad” by Kenji Miyazawa

Yooma Mayo @ Split Screen (moderate)

I logged into the SL website this morning and found that the friends widget was disabled. This reminded me of a horror story↑ I saw recently. This could happen to any one of us and was predicted when LL decided to use our friends list names to confirm identity if you forgot your password.

I haven’t got a hope of passing this particular test – if, as in this case, LL forces me to go through the process for any reason, I’ll be pretty much toast. The whole thing is bizarre and tragic and totally unnecessary.

Yooma Mayo @ Split Screen (moderate)

This policy/procedure was a mistake. If a mistake is made it should be corrected (remember New Coke?), not clung to like a limpet. The whole thing is made even worse by the obvious lack of training for support staff. In the face of what is clearly something the user can’t control and shouldn’t have to suffer from, the correct response is not “There is nothing I can do.”

This whole thing is a major fail and highlights flaws in a number of areas within the organization. I don’t know who owns customer support (or this procedure) but somebody needs to go smack them on the back of the head and say “Fix it now!”. This is completely unacceptable.

Yooma Mayo @ Split Screen (moderate)
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  1. Hi Honour, thanks for visiting Split Screen, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks also for including it in your blog. (And I’m a great lover of alliterative titles .)

    By the way, out in trivia-land, I don’t always have two artists, although I try to. But due to last-minute cancellations I’ve twice presented solo shows, and for a partly related reason the next one will be solo too. I’ve also hosted three works at the same time! (Must average out.)

    • Forgive me! I forgot and that was sloppy of me – the truth remains that, however many you have, it’s always well worth a visit. :)


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