The Endless Wait in Second Life

Midori (moderate)

It wasn’t a quick trip to Midori↑ this morning – in spite of what you might think. Yes, there are only 3 images, but that’s because I got tired of waiting for textures to #%)&)#%& load!

It’s not just me and it’s ridiculous.

Midori (moderate)

This sim still has areas of construction under way but it’s still a cool place to visit. There are a lot of anime references which I can’t identify, but then, there’s only so much information one brain can handle. Much like SL and textures. :p

Midori (moderate)
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  1. Hi Honour… do you have HTTP texture rendering turned on? My guess is you have it turned off, but when I turned it off on my machine the textures rendered much faster.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  February 8, 2013

    Yup. Check HTTP rendering. Much work has (and is) being done in this area, particualrly if you’re using the latest SL viewers, all of which are now benefitting from Monty Linden’s work in this area.

    • OK so this is what I want on the splash screen – a list of all the settings I have to change today to take advantage of new rollouts. :) Everyday when I logon I expect to see a new list dammit!

      • Inara Pey

         /  February 8, 2013

        Now, that WOULD be nice. Or at least an up-front link to the release notes (rather than burying it under Help > About … )

  1. The Endless Wait in Second Life | Second Life Freebies Addiction |

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