Danse Macabre, LEA Land Grants & The Death of Dreams in Second Life

Danse Macabre (moderate)

It’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m going to use Fae Varriale’s↑ exhibit Danse Macabre↑ to illustrate today’s musings and call to action. Her work is a play on the 15th century genre of art based on allegories showing the “universality of death”.

It’s a marvelous mixture of 2d and 3d and, although dark and grim, it’s beautiful.

Danse Macabre (moderate)

I love immersive art. Second Life is a wonderful platform for creations that just aren’t possible anywhere in real life, and it gives everybody a chance to realize things that otherwise will exist only in their imagination.

As somebody who tries to explore as much of the grid as she can, and tries to see as many different installations as she can, I feel a lot of guilt and melancholy. I love what I find but I know there are brilliant people out there doing work I haven’t seen. I also know that there are gorgeous creations that nobody sees. My fear is that too many of these builders and artists give up and leave, without any of us ever supporting them or experiencing their talent.

Danse Macabre (moderate)

One of the reasons I love the LEA Sims is that I get to see so many amazing works and artists, who wouldn’t have the resources otherwise, have a region-sized palette to see their dreams come to life.

For a new, or unknown, artist this is an extraordinary opportunity. It means they can stretch and show what is inside them, but more importantly it means that people can see it. It doesn’t happen, though, if the artist hasn’t gathered their courage and said “I want in!”.

Danse Macabre (moderate)

My first image of a tarot reading is intended to make you think of fate and chance. We can help create our own fates by taking action when opportunities present themselves.

For new or unknown artists working inworld, such an opportunity is waiting for you. The LEA Land Grant Applications↑ are now open. If you have an idea, SUBMIT AN APPLICATION. If you know somebody you think should be seen by more people – share the link and encourage them to complete the form by February 19. Don’t let their dreams die. If they give up without their work ever being seen then we all lose.

Consider this an invitation for your opportunity to see your imaginings realized. If you need courage, remember the worst that could happen is that the dream dies. Give it a chance to live and give me a chance to see it!

Danse Macabre (moderate)
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