Reading & Rising in Second Life

Noweeta Grassland (general)

There’s a “feast or famine” rule somewhere that says all your projects will overlap and make you wonder why you got yourself into this. :)

I had a brief quiet time this morning so I went back to Noweeta Grassland↑ and took a few (admittedly cliched) shots.

Noweeta Grassland (general)

I also mostly got through my list yesterday of things I HAD to get done, so I took some time and finished the book I’ve been reading. I know I’m about 2 years behind the rest of you, but I did finally get to Ready Player One↑.

Not being a gamer I wasn’t sure if it would make sense to me. It turns out having experience in Second Life was enough to feel comfortable and actually enjoy it. I’m also old enough that, although I didn’t play most of them, I recognized the games and other 80s references. It was a fun read.

Noweeta Grassland (general)

We have less than two weeks now before One Billion Rising in Second Life↑ takes place. The sims should arrive on Friday and I’m quite sure (fingers crossed) we’ll be ready and on schedule. We’re getting a lot of attention and interest from the real world campaign which is cool.

One of our projects is an inworld version of the official them song video↑ – if everything goes as planned I think it will impress the hell out of them.

Noweeta Grassland (general)

There are many volunteers working to get ready, but I’d like to see some more. If you’re interested in joining a team of insane people having a very good time, contact Uccello Poultry (greeters) or Bourne Denimore (stage managers).

If you haven’t got the time or interest to work on the event, that’s OK. Do plan, however, to come join us at some point during that 24 hours. You can go have a quiet date and do all the kissy/huggy stuff afterwards, but spend part of your Valentine’s Day dancing and rising. It’s going to be amazing!

Noweeta Grassland (general)
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