Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Provides an Object Lesson in Second Life

The Pyre (moderate)

I think of this journal, my attempt to share the wisdom I’ve gained in my many years of venturing into the unknown, as a service to budding explorers. To keep this endeavour honest I must, on occasion, provide object lessons on the difficulties inherent in these journeys and the true nature of the profession.

To put it more bluntly, somedays are a bitch. Today I must document a failure.

The Pyre (moderate)

The first thing you must keep in mind as you attempt to reveal the mysteries of new lands is that Mages are not benign individuals. The ancient one, who lives with a small colony of Kindling on The Pyre↑, has had a lifetime to think of ways to protect his secrets and place diabolical obstacles in your path.

I landed in one of those stunning, yet harsh and unforgiving, landscapes that I find so appealing. Through the dust I could see shadows that told me something very unusual was waiting to be discovered.

The Pyre (moderate)

There is something anchored to this parched soil. Something very, very large. There are no stairs or ramps that make it possible to climb and explore whatever is up in the air. I circled around (without drifting too far into the desert) and found a discarded book.

It provided some history of the region and confirmed that a citadel still may exist floating above the surface. I then found a circle of stones. Circles are always important and this appears to provide a way to the heart of this once great forest.

The Pyre (moderate)

My journey ended at this point. The reason is very simple – the Mage has made this transport device into a puzzle. It appears that the explorer must be able to solve the riddle of the stones, much like a combination lock, before passage to the citadel is permitted.

I’ve failed. I haven’t given up, but to this point, I’ve failed. I’m certain you will be more successful but this should provide some important reminders. Nothing is as simple as it appears, Mages are not to be trusted, and bringing snacks is a very good idea.

The Pyre (moderate)
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    • I tried. Camming doesn’t work and you can’t tp – or at least I couldn’t find where to tp to. It’s very well done. You can see where the citadel should be – but it isn’t. Damn Mage has hidden it somewhere else. 45&)$%)#%)

      Now having said that – I noticed in the last image that one of the stones is glowing. It could be that you click on that one first. :p

  1. I can not WAIT to try this out. Thank you for blogging it Honour!


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