The Serpent in the Second Life Paradise

Butterfly Beach (moderate)

You find the perfect landscape. It satisfies your need for beauty and the atmosphere is exactly what you needed. Or you’re at a club dancing to your favourite music with your friends.

Then some jackass, with a desperate need to feed his damaged ego, unleashes an attack designed to wreck havoc and earn himself a few giggles. Even worse, he might be trying to spread fear and get money.

Butterfly Beach (moderate)

I spoke recently about some new trends↑ in griefing – they’re criminal and intolerable. I’m not the only one to bring this up and discuss these appalling developments.

Saffia↑ has done a very valuable episode of her Designing Worlds series on the topic.

Butterfly Beach (moderate)

If you think you’ve seen it all – you haven’t. If you think you know what’s going on out there – you don’t.

A panel of very knowledgeable people made me rethink some of my assumptions about griefing. Oh, I was and remain furious at the idea of extortion being so widespread and uncontrolled. There are other things as well that just blew me away.

Butterfly Beach (moderate)

Imagine newbies being taken by the hand and given skins/hair/clothing by a “nice” older resident. Imagine that they are then informed they “owe” this person and have to work it off. Sound familiar? Immigrants being forced to work off a “debt” is not just a real world problem.

Watch the show↑. You’ll learn something and maybe, if enough of us get really angry, we can address the problem.

Butterfly Beach (moderate)


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  2. That’s terrible. I never had any idea people did things like this in SL. Is horrible. Thanks for sharing.

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