Not so Bad & Not my Fault in Second Life

NoTsoBad (moderate)

Let’s get something perfectly clear right from the top. It wasn’t my fault.

It began, as all things do, innocently enough. I saw some photos Berry↑ had done on a mesh sim and had an idea.

NoTsoBad (moderate)

I thought I’d visit a few regions highlighting mesh and talk about how pristine they usually are. Sort of like the difference between Star Trek, where you could perform surgery almost everywhere on the ship,  and Firefly, where they all seem in imminent danger of some kind of food poisoning.

NoTsoBad (moderate)

I arrived on NotsoBad↑ early in the morning and wound up staying there. Koinup was down and all the places I’d bookmarked were hidden from me – so my pithy, insightful post will have to be delayed.

I noticed a few parked vehicles around the sim. Some of them had their keys left inside.

NoTsoBad (moderate)

Early morning, big wide, empty streets, slow cautious speeds, what could go wrong? I’m pretty sure a squirrel ran across the road in front of me.

It wasn’t my fault! Don’t tell the grid traffic cops. Wiping off my fingerprints should protect my anonymity.

NoTsoBad (moderate)
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  1. Just wait until the car shouts TRANSFORM! and hunts you down.


  2. Ha Ha, great post. I always crash my new motorbike. Love the Startrek vs Firefly comparison for the sims.

    • Thank you – I have been banned from driving anything, anywhere. Every now and then I think I can’t be as bad as I remember. Then this sort of thing happens.:)

  3. Isn’t it true you’ve also been banned from a driving rain?

  4. I understand that golf courses won’t let you on the driving ranges?


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