Dripping Wet in Second Life

Hoshi Island (moderate)

The day began at 2:00 am. You know those flexible door stops that go “sproinnnnnnggg” when you kick them? Well now the kittens do as well. They think that sound deserves a great deal of repetition. sigh

Hoshi Island (moderate)

I know they’re kittens, I know they’re supposed to be less than 5 months old. They are, however, as large as the full adult cats who’ve owned me in the past. Either they’ve lied about their age (I guess they’re hoping for a career in the movies) or else giant aliens have finally arrived.

Hoshi Island (moderate)

I went inworld to find a great build thinking at least one of my lives could be calm and beautiful and pleasant (sproinnnnnggggg).

I don’t do hunts (they’re a source of personal humiliation for me) but I know that MadPea creates wonderful environments. I went to see the starting point for the Room 326 Hunt↑. It seems there’s a mystery about what happened to 15 people who spent the night in this hotel.

Hoshi Island (moderate)

I should have worn boots. And full body rain gear. And brought a shamwow↑. I didn’t investigate too closely (my camera was dripping) but I suspect the mystery is solved when you discover that they drowned.

If you like hunts then you should go check this out. In the meantime, anybody (sproinnnggg) got a towel?

Hoshi Island (moderate)
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  1. A fabulous post for Caturday!

  2. Love the post as always, but WOW how I love those pics. I’m a rain girl — well, except when I’m a snow girl — and those pics are just the kind of place I adore. Great work!

    • /me grins – Thank you! You’ll find it quite easy to capture the rain, it’s avoiding the whole drowning thing you need to pay attention to.

  3. caramia Mizin

     /  January 20, 2013

    Thanks Honor, I really do enjoy your posts, infact now I do go exploring some of these sims you reflect upon.

  1. “It was raining in the city…” | Living in the Modem World

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