Some Good Things Last in Second Life

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

I told you recently about making a new friend inworld and having one of the best moments of any life↑ as a result. He sent me a landmark the other day to the Spencer Museum of Art.

Some of you will understand that means he found the Petrovsky Flux↑.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

This is one of those builds I hope everybody has experienced. In fact, I think I’ve blogged it 3 times already since its opening in 2010. If you’re not familiar with it, or with the Museum, you can read more about them both here↑.

I was thrilled both for him, because he got to see something fabulous, and for the rest of the virtual world, because it’s still there.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

I’m not one of those who participates in sim death watches. I don’t take it personally when something I’ve loved disappears from the grid. No world, physical or virtual, owes it to us to remain unchanged.

I suspect, though, that our lack of control over things in real life contributes to our desire for more permanence in the virtual.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

Having said that, I’m very pleased when I can return again and again to a magical place.

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Petrovsky Flux↑, you really must! Just make sure you wear the hard hat – I take no responsibility for any injuries you might suffer on your trip.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)
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  1. Oh, I’m sure you’d be counting down the SECONDS when Edloe gets Sim Deathwatch announced. :)


    (Which reminds me… time to create another horsey Shatoetry.)


    • um that would be a Robot death watch – unless of course you blow up with the sim :p

      • I’ve set aside cash to help transition the islands over to some other sucker willing to keep ’em going if that day comes, but I figure things would downsize a little before stabilizing again.


      • Change happens – but I can envision the five islands numbering in the dozens sometime 50 years in the future :)

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