A Return to the Plages in Second Life

Plages des Graniers (moderate)

It’s been a while since I visited Plages des Graniers↑, so I went back for a visit this morning. There have been some changes, but it’s still a coastal town, it still has funky little shops and it still has wonderful textures.

Plages des Graniers (moderate)

I’m not at the point of total insanity yet, however there is a lot to get done. I suspect my alt will spend the day inworld just so I can focus on taking the long list of images I need for some articles and not feel like I’m responding rudely to anybody. Well except for Crap↑, even a Canadian can be rude to a robot. :)

Plages des Graniers (moderate)

In the general (and uninteresting) news category, the kittens have decided they quite like me. I’m not sure why that means they get to steal the covers – and, honestly, I have yet to figure out HOW they manage to steal the covers. We’re going to have a long chat.

Plages des Graniers (moderate)

So yes, a boring post today. Still, you should go visit Plages des Graniers↑. It’s a great place to avoid your todo list – not that I’d ever do that!

Plages des Graniers (moderate)
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    I think stout is best with horse.


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