Beauty & Venting Frustration in Second Life

Annwn Willows (moderate)

A number of years ago I was talking to a very bright young man. He had exceptional technical skills and the imagination required to produce brilliant solutions to problems. He rarely used them.

We were discussing a problem a client had and proposing various directions we could take to address it. His response to the best of them was “That would be hard.” 

Annwn Willows (moderate)

It took me a while to realize, to him, that was a sound and complete argument against pursuing the idea. “That would be hard.”

Since when is “hard” an argument or a reason? When did difficult become something to be avoided at all costs? Who is teaching people that effort is a bad thing?

Annwn Willows (moderate)

I was reminded, once more, of this all too widespread mentality yesterday. Bits and pieces of discussion have been occurring around me concerning immersive, narrative art inworld. It allows us to enter and experience something I find magical. It also requires time and some thought on our part.

Somebody in the middle of one of these snippets of conversation said “Oh, well, in that case, I won’t do it. It’s too hard.”

Annwn Willows (moderate)

Hard rarely means backbreaking, arduous, grueling or torturous. It’s just not easy. Frankly, it’s no wonder the world seems to be insane at the moment – nobody can address problems. It might be “hard”. Screw that!

And in that vein I’ll tell you this stunningly beautiful sim, Annwn Willows↑, has some lovely builds high in the sky above it. Finding them won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Many things are – even if they require a little bit of effort.

Annwn Willows (moderate)
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