Winter Outlined & Errata in Second Life

Winter Outlined (moderate)

I dropped in on Fuschia Nightfire’s↑ new show at Gallery Graine↑ this morning. It’s a charming, interactive exhibit which gives you the opportunity to don a special avatar and skate with sculptural sketches.

Because I know everything isn’t all about me, I’m certain this wasn’t created just to force me into a shape with boobs and a butt. :)

Winter Outlined (moderate)

I admit I didn’t spend a lot of time admiring my smooth and artistic skating technique (or the manly qualities of the sculptures). The design of her work forced me to deal (once again) with issues I’ve been having with deferred rendering. $%&&#%)&)#%

I’m quite sure they have me at the top of their list of people they want to make happy, unfortunately the technical wizards haven’t yet succeeded. The good news, though, is that the latest version of the viewer might have fixed my recent headache with anti-aliasing.

Winter Outlined (moderate)

I actually read the release notes for once – the part where they list “known issues” is always useful. Luckily I don’t use a Mac, apparently “Viewer crashes on Mac when devices (e.g. USB headset or a second monitor) are plugged in or unplugged”. ooops

I spent a few hours fussing with my distaste for the mainland terrain texture. After trying out some mesh, and not wanting to deal with sculpties, I finally just flattened the land and slapped down some prims.

Winter Outlined (moderate)

There are a lot of things I’d like to do and will try over time. For the immediate future I’ll go vaguely surreal. You’ll see a portion of my herd of horses in this pic – yes I have a few. I actually don’t count them because, well, if I can’t quantify it then I can’t admit to a problem.

Once again, I’m confident it’s not all about me, but Crap’s latest Shatism↑ did coincidentally get published just after I was whining about some horse issue (not lag!). He wouldn’t use me as inspiration, right?

Winter Outlined (moderate)
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  1. I am so totally going to make more horse Shatisms ;)


  2. Never thought of you as a pony girl, Honour.


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