Dreams in Space, Imagination & Addiction in Second Life

Dreams in Space (moderate)

I almost didn’t make it to Dreams in Space↑ this morning. As it turns out, I’m glad I went and not only because I enjoyed the installation. It led to some more of my occasional idle musings.

Barry Richez↑ has created an exhibit inspired by the theme of imagination and its ability to create worlds. If you think about it, using our imagination in a virtual world is only different from those who say “get a real life” because we can actually build what we conceive.

Dreams in Space (moderate)

Barry describes↑ the thoughts behind this work and some of the reasons why we might create imaginary worlds and why they are beneficial. I realized, as I explored the different landscapes along the paths, that using our imagination becomes addictive.

Well that’s my theory anyway.

Dreams in Space (moderate)

A virtual world allows us to realize our internal creations. Once we start, we keep exploring that ability. It might be building or buying a new home, landscaping it a different way, changing our avatars or just buying new clothes and hair. Or, if you’re really talented, constantly stretching and trying new things – cities, immersive experiences, art, etc .

The reason I almost didn’t make it to the exhibit today is that I started to fool around with mesh terrain. It’s very possible I was doing that because my todo list is exploding again and I was creating a project I could use to avoid all the things I’m supposed to be doing.

Dreams in Space (moderate)

On the other hand, it could just be that my imagination – now that it’s been exercised all these years inworld – needs constant outlets. I suspect that those who try the grid, and don’t create their own personal world (or don’t keep reinventing it), are the ones who leave the fastest. Me? I might not be an artist but I can still fuss and change things.

Freud might have intellectualized its use, I just seem to be addicted to the ability to see what I imagine come to life. I guess that’s why I stay. :)

I’ll spend the next little while taking advantage of Barry’s meditation area. I’m hoping it will help me focus on what I’m supposed to be doing!

Dreams in Space (moderate)
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  1. Leanna

     /  January 14, 2013

    Wow. I’m happy I found your blog, I love your photos and your “idle musings”.


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