Imogen & The Pigeons in Second Life

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

Imogen and the Pigeons↑ opens today. It’s the latest work by Bryn Oh↑ and that’s really all I should have to say.

However, if you missed Rabbicorn↑ or Anna’s Many Murders↑, you might need a little more information.

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

I can’t give you images that will provide an overview or summary of this installation. It’s just not possible.

This is the most complex, detailed, expansive work I’ve seen by Bryn. It’s truly remarkable (in my humble opinion).

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

There is a video trailer↑ for the exhibit. If you skip it and go straight to Immersiva↑you’ll still get the earworm. :)  Make sure you have your sounds turned on!

Watching it convinced me that, once again, she was going to make me cry. I’ll preserve some dignity and not tell you if that’s true. That view through the window will stay with me a long, long time.

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

If you can tear yourself away from the surface of the island you’ll have to make your way up to Imogen’s room. Lots of people accomplished this, in spite of not being able to fly or teleport.

Once in her room you’ll find a feather which will give you the power to walk up the walls – you’ll need it.

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

Imogen’s story is told through poetry and images. It’s immersive and emotional. Over and above the narrative and the art, I was blown away by the amount of work and detail. Every where you look is there is some little perfect something – there are no fillers or lazy, empty spaces in this installation.

That’s one reason I have more images in this post than usual (that and the fact I just like them).

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)

I started my visit with hope because there were signs of life in the landscape of detritus and dead trees. I’ll allow you to decide if my hope for a happy ending was justified.

This is a destination you have to add to your “must see” list. While you look around, comfort yourself with the knowledge you aren’t Imogen’s therapist!

Imogen and the Pigeons (moderate)
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  1. There is a reason Bryn Oh is the best known artist in Second Life. She deserves a lot of credit for being a key player in pushing this art form along in the direction that realizes the medium We originally came into SL thinking that the art form was analogous to being a different way to display paintings or photographs, We next realized the power of building 3d objects that could be experienced from any point of view including ‘inside’ of them. After that we discovered that we could script these objects to have movement and be interactive in any of a number of ways.

    It is then that we realized that those things were just pieces of what could be done. The key concept was producing fully immersive spaces with interactive parts. Worlds that could surround and draw one into. That were far more than the sum of their parts.

    These immersive spaces are capable of triggering great emotional resonance with those willing to take the time, and it DOES take time, to interact with them.

    The true message of the medium of computer generated virtual worlds is Immersion. Psychological immersion from virtually unlimited points of view.

    This is an emerging artform. It is something totally new in the art world. It will make a huge difference in the future. These are the early days and Bryn Oh is a pioneer.

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