Evolution & Danger in Second Life

DangerinEvolution (moderate)

The first of this week’s 3 major art openings (that I know about) happened yesterday afternoon. DangerinEvolution↑, the latest collaboration by Kicca Igaly↑ and Nessuno Myoo↑, is now welcoming visitors on LEA27↑.

There is a wonderful explanatory notecard at the welcome area, but I’ll try and give you some sense of what you’re about to experience.

DangerinEvolution (moderate)

You’ll find children playing. You’ll find them playing to a soundtrack full of drama (I now have a Wagnerian earworm) and surrounded by landscapes designed to scare the bejeezus out of you. :)

The artists decided for this exhibit to represent their concerns about the way advances in both science and technology are pursued without a serious consideration of the potential impacts on us and the future. Evolution in this instance refers to both the transformation of our world and the unintended transformation of ourselves as a result.

DangerinEvolution (moderate)

Unfortunately, we only realize the inherent problems too late. The scale of this installation emphasizes how little power we may have to combat the impact to us of changes in our physical world, my avatar barely reached the footrest on a stool.

Kicca’s portion of the installation addresses the work being done on genetically modified foods . Nessuno’s is reminiscent of disasters such as Chernobyl↑. The longterm effects of both are not yet understood, but the artists aren’t feeling very positive.

DangerinEvolution (moderate)

From Kicca’s high-tech laboratory to Nessuno’s post-apocalyptic carousel, this is a very serious pair of works. It’s also beautifully done.

Nessuno uses his eyeballs to represent our collective consciousness. I hope the problem isn’t as dire as they feel it is, but having us open our eyes, after all, is one of the reasons for art. It’s not all pretty pictures for the wall. This is a stunning installation by two very talented artists. I recommend this exhibit – go visit!

DangerinEvolution (moderate)
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