The Mainland Really Has Evolved in Second Life

Istar (moderate)

I know I don’t spend enough time exploring the mainland. My bad! While I was waiting for a new art exhibit to open I decided to do something about that – in part because Uccie is having so much fun on her adventures↑. You really need to keep track of her discoveries and travels!

Istar (moderate)

The viewers have been playing silly bugger with me lately (the most recent beta changed my shape, the little dear). I’d appreciate it if you would just ignore the anti-aliasing issues that crop up here and there.

So, back to the mainland. Istar↑ looks like a great region to live – I can feel a sense of community there (or at least it looks like one is present).

Istar (moderate)

It is anchored by a funky temple (see the top image) and constructed on top of the water – lots of walkways and piers. There’s a mix of industrial and swashbuckling (really, I saw a pirate!). I found some shops and some homes and a couple of lighthouses – but the overall look is integrated and really cool.

Istar (moderate)

I’m back to living on the mainland again and one of the things I realized, as I looked for land, is that the terraforming has become much more interesting over the past few years. Someday I’ll show you the ravine and tunnel near our place.

It’s worth looking around the mainland. If you need ideas I’ll repeat that Uccie↑ is a good one to follow. :)

Istar (moderate)
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  1. Awww. Thanks for the endorsement. I’m just a simple Mainland girl that appreciates the creativity that Residents show no matter where they build. You got it right, by the way, that Community is the key. The best parts of Nautilus and Bay City, two of the themed areas of Mainland, are the ones where Residents stick with the theme. Swaths of “regular” mainland sometimes seem to have a community, too, and the typical blight folks think of simply melts away.

  2. blight + funky = blunky (“To become or to be intoxicated.” via This seems to be a rather appropriate term for some of the Mainland vistas, don’t you think?

  3. As far as I know, no one lives in Ishtar – the sim is almost entirely owned by one resident, who does rentals throughout much of mainland, but I don’t think so here. In the middle lies the infoHub.

    Its been about the same for years. A few small plots here and there are owned by others and change from time to time, but most of it just sits as a showcase.

    • Well it’s very cool – and I could see a community living there :) I’d live there! Well except I’d have to teach the horses how to swim …..


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