Swayed in Second Life

Swayland (moderate)

There will be a couple of large art installations opening a little later this week and I’ll bring you that news closer to their dates. I know you’ll forget if I don’t. :)

In the meantime, and while trying to ignore the virus my darling Niece has apparently shared with me (how sweet of her!), I finally went to visit Swayland↑.

Swayland (moderate)

I’ve met Sway↑ and know, and love, her creations, but I had never managed to visit her home sim. You have probably heard of the recent project  Together for Sway↑ organized by a large number of her friends and fellow creators.

Swayland (moderate)

That project raised funds to help cover her costs while she has surgery to remove a brain tumour. Her sim and her store are still there and will welcome her back once she has gone through recovery.

There is nothing to stop the rest of us from visiting in the meantime.

Swayland (moderate)

As usual I got caught up in the landscape, and so I’m not sharing her store or its contents. I did do some shopping though. When creativity combines with quality it’s hard to resist.

It’s still winter in the northern half of the globe, go visit a gorgeous testament to the cold and enjoy!

Swayland (moderate)
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