Convex Magic & Feeling Comfortable in Your Second Life Skin

Cell (moderate)

One of the many things I’m bad at is coming up with titles for these blog posts. This one is actually a mixed bag of thoughts, or discoveries I guess, and all fall under the theme of my own personal obsessions.

We often refer to these things as our version of “whoredom”, as in “I’m a skin whore” for example. Which I am. But I’m not about to put that in the title – I already get enough disturbing hits from very strange google searches.

Cell (moderate)

First I’m a build and texture “whore” – you can tell that by the amount of time I spend exploring the grid seeking both. Today’s location is Cell↑, which is associated with Hangers Liquides↑. If you love futuristic, anarchistic type of communities then you should know this place. :)

I’m also a skin whore. I have spent the past number of months trying to live as a “normal” humanoid, but that skin is just so damn PINK. It’s not me. Forgive my poor portrait skills and take a look at the new skin from alpha.tribe↑.

Omega Point (moderate)

Dragon has everything I need to feel comfortable – the grey base, the coloured designs – and it feels like “me”. I modified one of the mohawks that came with another of their skins to give me some hair and will continue with my usual wardrobe. I will NOT be joining the current obsession with boobs – my shape is just fine, thank you. :)

The other thing I did today was experiment with a tip from Bryn Oh↑. This little engine is something I made more than a year ago. Being a prim whore, it is very intricate and comes to a total of 440 linked objects.

Our place, which is dull & boring and you don’t want to visit!

Following Bryn’s instructions, I’ve reduced the prim count on this thing to 220. (Read her post, it involves changing the objects from prim to convex.) I also reduced the prim count on my shack and everything else I have mod rights on. I may be a land owner again but I don’t own that much – this is a fabulous way to gain some breathing room!

Today was a very good day. I indulged in three versions of “whoredom” without getting arrested or causing any scandals. May yours be equally productive! :)

Cell (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  January 8, 2013

    Convex hull is an useful trick. I covered it in early 2011 when working on my skyrock house. It’s effectiveness can be limited – complex prim tortures such as torii don’t tend to work so well, and having scripts in linksets can bounce things a bit. Although having said that, I was surprised when I tried the magic on a complex scripted linkset recently and got a goodly reduction in LI (around 50%, about the same as I was getting on unscripted linksets).

    It’s been something of an aid around my Linden Home as well, where the “mods” I’ve made to the build (adding additional walls and a galleried upper floor) have enabled me to keep the count down there as well (on top of using Ample Clarity’s brilliant 1-prim funishings).

  2. The new skin looks great!

  3. Jef

     /  January 10, 2013

    Please don’t say “whore”! And yes, i read these things

    Love & hugs,
    Your adorable, amazing son :P

  4. Jef

     /  January 10, 2013

    Oh, and put on a decent skin, damnit!

    • pffft – you show up once every 6 months and think I’m going to stop wearing a skin just cause you get weird about unusual? Love you anyway!


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