Art & Landscapes on Little Ambergris Cay in Second Life

Little Ambergris Cay (moderate)

You land on the deck of a ship in churning water, surrounded by cliffs and the rest of your convoy, one or two of which are in distress. This is not, however, a pirate adventure. At least, not exactly. I suppose if your imagination takes you there you could make it a swashbuckling tale.

What you’ve found is a project that Josef Balbozar↑ has been working on for months.

Little Ambergris Cay (moderate)

Think of Little Ambergris Cay↑ as one of the most unusual art galleries you’ll encounter. Within each of the ships you’ll find unique art works. You’ll also find a teleporter with 10 destinations – some them are floating around you.

Other destinations provide you with a range of landscapes and even one extraordinary room.

Little Ambergris Cay (moderate)

Each location is beautiful and there is art hidden in these areas as well. I also found the single most outrageous (and a work of art itself) dance ball I’ve ever seen – with a chess board as the dance floor.

I didn’t include a photo of this piece, I’ll let you discover it on your own.

Little Ambergris Cay (moderate)

I’ve long been a fan of Josef’s, as Syrah Xue↑ he has designed some of the most beautiful areas↑ I’ve seen. You must go see what he has brought us on Little Ambergris Cay↑.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll try and shutdown all keyboard shortcuts. The kittens are way too clever. One of them deleted this post twice while I tried to assemble it. /me sighs

Little Ambergris Cay (moderate)
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