Art in Bubbles & A Chance to Win Some Money in Second Life

Accademia di Brera (moderate)

I explored a new-to-me artspace this morning called Accademia di Brera↑. The Italian community in Second Life is certainly not the only one interested in art, but with MiC↑ and Imparafacile↑ (literature based art and readings) and more, it’s definitely one that is active and consumes much of my traveling time. :)

Accademia di Brera (moderate)

The Accademia has an exhibit on now called Bubbles which includes installations by a variety of artists. Some names I recognized, such as Noke Yuitza↑ (who is showing a version of  her huge Tears in Rain on LEA10↑), Giovanna Cerise↑, and  Nessuno Myoo↑.

Accademia di Brera (moderate)

Other works are by artists I hadn’t seen before such as MariterSoul↑ and Giugiogia Auer↑. There are a lot of surprises (over and above what happens when you use the bubbles to teleport) and clicking on things is a really good idea. I enjoyed this and the space has been added to my landmark file.

Accademia di Brera (moderate)

Now, because Saffia↑ can’t resist putting me in the line of fire, I want you to take some time and enter a couple of contests↑. They’ll help us out with updating Prim Perfect’s↑ web graphics and give you a chance to win money (always a good thing)!

The website is home for not just the magazine↑, but the blog and portals to various aspects of her media empire (well that’s what I call it), and it’s finally getting a major facelift. You can help out and make some Lindens to support your spending habit. Check out the contests↑ and please enter. We really need a better look! :)

Accademia di Brera (moderate)
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  1. Interesting. Accademia di Brera is one of the most prestigious academic institution in the field of arts in Italy, located here in Milan. It was funded in 1776: . I wonder if this art space is officially endorsed by the academy.


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