Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Reveals A Glimpse of her Past & Clears Up Some Unfounded Rumours in Second Life

Pacifique (moderate)

I was going to begin the New Year with news and links to opportunities and calls for action. I’ll get to all of that this week, but first I have to exorcise some memories and reveal very personal history. I’m very reluctant, however I know I won’t be able to pursue my usual activities with a clear and focused mind unless I do.

My day began with a typical excursion, this time to Pacifique↑. In the course of my explorations a 5 month old kitten spent his time on the keyboard undoing my settings and repositioning my camera. I know, you’re thinking “How cute!”. For me though, it brought back memories I thought I had buried of somebody who constantly insisted that I do things “his way”.

Pacifique (moderate)

Then I read Uccie’s↑ blog post and my world turned upside down. He’s coming back and I am stunned. Allow me a brief explanation.

When I was young resident (very young and impressionable) I encountered Magellan Linden↑. It was flattering when he took me under his wing – I mean I was new and inexperienced and I didn’t realize at first just what kind of man he was. To be frank, Mag puts all other SL hound dogs to shame. Oh he’s charming and he has the ability to convince you that you are special – but they all do. His pursuit of new adventures is second only to his determination to have a belt so notched that it barely hangs on to his hips.

Pacifique (moderate)

I suppose I sound bitter and I really shouldn’t. He did teach me the skills I needed to explore this world and he instilled the insatiable desire I have to see what’s out there. For these things I will always be grateful.

Let’s clear up some unfounded rumours right now. I did not break his heart. I am not responsible for his exit from Second Life. In fact, I’m quite sure he just switched to some of his dozens of alts and has been lurking and watching us all along. If he left a journal blaming me for his departure you can be assured it is all lies.

Pacifique (moderate)

Once I got over my shock I realized that I’m not the same naive newcomer I was when we met. I won’t have any difficulty dealing with him as a mature adult (his maturity however, I doubt). I will give you some advice should you encounter the Great Magellan (he thinks of himself in caps and italics).

Do try to learn as much as you can from the man if you have the opportunity. Do not go alone with him into the jungle unless you are prepared to defend yourself. There is always another road and another adventure. There are lots of hound dogs in SL, but there is only one Mag. For this we should all be grateful. Unless he’s let himself go, he does have a cute butt though, damn him.

Pacifique (moderate)
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  1. Nomadic_Man

     /  January 1, 2013

    Magellan’s coming back? If it’s true I could be easily persuaded to bring my Avatar out of retirement if it meant a chance to meet the greatest Linden of them all..

    • If Uccie is correct, yes, he is coming back. And figures a MAN would consider him the “greatest”. He, of course, will agree with you. :)

      • Nomadic_Man

         /  January 1, 2013

        Oh c’mon Honour!! Compared to M and the codpiece wearing Linden with the dodgy hairdo whose name totally escapes me…Magellan is a LEGEND!! :)

      • right, LEGEND………………. I’ll admit he has some panache, and some great accomplishments, he’s probably quite past his prime now though :)

      • Nomadic_Man

         /  January 1, 2013

        Legends never get old… :))

  2. Lacewing Mesmeriser

     /  January 1, 2013

    Intrigued……but speaking strictly as an older/wiser avatar who retreated to her own alt.

  3. Inara Pey

     /  January 1, 2013

    @Nomadic_Man always remember, “legend” can be taken as “leg end” ;-).

    So, Magellan is returning? You can try and hide from your past, Honour, but like they say, sooner or later it will catch up with you ;-).

    But… what about young Salazar Jack, he of the oh-so-fine blue skin….?

    • There is a search team looking for him, I understand :)

    • Yes, a concerted effort to find Salazar is underway. Some really cryptic things have been going on so the situation is heating up. Follow the search here http://kahruvel.com

      • Inara Pey

         /  January 1, 2013

        I scurried over to your blog after commenting here and was pleased to see mention of Salazar. I shall be keeping an eye on updates :).

  4. I don’t know if he is coming back, per se, but I’m going to hunting him in earnest. I hope this is the year, really. SL needs the moral shot in the arm of having a legend return.

    And Honour? I’ll try to not mention I know you if I see him. At least not at first so I don’t push him away. *giggle*

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