Looking Up in Second Life

Looking Up (moderate)

A sim named Looking Up↑ seemed like an appropriate place for me today. A pretty park and some art exhibits just added to my enjoyment of the morning. :)

I’ve been working on plans for 2013 and it’s going to be a very busy year.

Looking Up (moderate)

There are a number of women in my Second Life, but three of them are mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Pooky Amsterdam↑, Saffia Widdershins↑, and Bryn Oh↑ are all smart, talented, and insatiable when it comes to “doing things”.

It’s alright for them, they don’t seem to need sleep. The biggest problem is that everything they ask for is something I’d like to do.

Looking Up (moderate)

The good news is that I know a lot of people who like to dig in and get things done – so expect some calls for volunteers. *grin*

If everything on the list gets done this will be a year full of events and learning and fun and, yes, stress. That’s how the best things happen.

Looking Up (moderate)

First we have to say goodbye to 2012. It’s a cliche but I’ll end today’s post with a sunset. Tomorrow I’ll say my farewell to a year that was very mixed.

In the meantime, I’m going to start exercising. It’s the only way I’ll survive the next 12 months.

Looking Up (moderate)
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