Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Confesses in Second Life

Blood Island (moderate)

I realized this morning that, as an explorer I’m not bad, but as a “reporter” I’m terrible. I get so caught up in the builds and finding angles and trying to capture images that I don’t really show you the sims. Today’s will be a good illustration (pun intended) of this failing.

Blood Island (moderate)

The land name for Blood Island↑ is (in part) Out of Time Forbidden Zone Antenaria. It’s a RP sim that is still under construction. I can’t tell you what kind of role play is involved, I can tell you the textures and build are captivating. There is at least one store on the island and there are some freebies available.

Blood Island (moderate)

I certainly spent enough time there that I could have dug deeper and gotten some “real” information for you. Honestly, though, I took advantage of this builder to indulge my fascination with what I could see on the screen. As usual. I’m a user – they create, I enjoy.

Blood Island (moderate)

You should go visit Blood Island↑. If you see the owner please apologize for my superficial description.

I may see you there – I became obsessed with this little bridge and, if I keep trying, I might get a half decent portrait of it. :)

Blood Island (moderate)
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  1. Time Ms McMillan, time is the enemy of all, getting the background story would slow you down and diminish your exploring. The photographs are wonderful and of course a picture can say a thousand words.

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