The Virtual Ability to Resist Nature in Second Life

This is a difficult post to write. My long-held beliefs have been shown to be foolish and self-deceptive. I’ve finally accepted that, in real life, nature is impossible to resist and that it’s a good thing that there are those who are willing to recognize this and take a firm stand.

Let me explain. A recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling confirmed that it’s permissable to fire a woman↑ because her boss finds her irresistible. The reports I’ve seen of this case are, I fear, missing the real issue.

Yes she had worked for this man for 10 years and her job performance was acceptable. But – he was, naturally, attracted to her. She’s one of those beautiful women whose looks easily destroy the male ability to resist temptation. Not that they have much of course.

We know from history and court rulings that even short skirts↑ will short-circuit the testosterone damaged brain. If you’re a woman who is uncertain how to properly dress to avoid inciting “fleshly lusts”, this article↑ will help.

This man’s wife understood the real problem in this situation. She recognized that expecting her husband to act with honour or integrity was a silly waste of time – you can’t fight natural forces.

The true issue here is that, although she had declined any inappropriate relationship with her boss (perhaps fearing the wrath of her husband), we all know she would eventually have been helpless to resist. What woman could possibly continue to say “no” to this specimen↑?

The great Phylis Schlafly↑ once said “Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature”. It’s a good thing that 7 aged white men in the Iowa Supreme Court are aware of the power of natural forces.

What does this have to do with Second Life? In spite of my new awareness in real life that the world will not align itself to my way of thinking, I am grateful for a venue for me to live out my fantasies. The virtual world is one place that I (and others) can successfully resist the authority of our biological weaknesses. If I feel myself weakening in the face of an all too sexually potent avatar, or superior male brain, I can logoff and preserve my idiotic belief in my right to make decisions for myself.

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  1. Ah, so that’s why you keep logging off when I log on.


  2. davesearbymason

     /  December 26, 2012

    nicely said and lovely subtle irony, sadly, some of it wasted on some men I wager. I think there is a way round this. all biological temptations can be resisted, we need to train boys from an early age to have more respect. however, this is going to be more difficult if they can go off and be ‘bad’ in SL or simialr: more here :

    • OK you’ve hit on one of my “hot buttons”. :) It generated a lot of pushback the last time I addressed my thoughts on this subject – I’ll probably vent again about it, but I’ll give it some time. *grin* I do like your post!

  3. Changing an avatar can make a difference. I’m less likely to be receptive to feminine wiles (DD cup, usually) when i’m a Furry avatar or in some other “fun” form. If push comes to shove, I just log in as another “character” like one of my bird-only accounts – they are allowed to have only bird avatars.

    Of course, none of this works when I see Crap online. I go all hot and hetero in no time.


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