An Alpha Point Christmas in Second Life

I’ve mentioned before that my love for the possibilities of immersive virtual art in Second Life was born when I met the Papermakis↑. In a similar vein, my appreciation for the building potential inworld occurred the first time I visited Alpha Point↑. The size and complexity and fantasy of this site, and its sister sim Omega Point, blew me away.

I return a few times a year just to try and capture what I see in photos. I’ve never managed to achieve anything that comes close to sharing how wonderful this build really is. These images, as usual, are failures in that regard.

There are two annual visits scheduled in bold letters on my calendar. This is the location every year for my Poppin’s Jump↑, and I return at Christmas for the gifts. :)

This year they have created a special Christmas In the Sea and you’ll find some presents down there. The slurl in the photo caption will take you to the entrance of that soggy festive display.

I’ll also point out that one of my favourite avatars is a free gift here and located higher up – you’ll have to search to find it. It’s worth spending the time to explore the rest of these sims. They have changed over the years, but they’re still two of the most impressive creations on the grid.

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  1. Inara Pey

     /  December 23, 2012

    I love Alpha and Omega, and routinely visit them. Love the forced perspective up in the aerial builds. Taken a ride in the bouncing balls back down to ground level at all (assuming they are still there, last visit I made was about 3 months ago)?

    • I’ve only used their flying thingie :) I’ll have to look for the balls – honestly, there’s so much in both builds I’ve never seen it all. I get caught up in these little hidden rooms and great staircases, etc.

      • Inara Pey

         /  December 23, 2012


        I know the feeling. The previous build at ground level to the current one had a labyrinth of tunnels blow the water, I spent ages wandering around them. No idea if they are still there with the current build – I still haven’t got that far in my explorations!

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