A Lazy Hippo Day in Second Life

Phoenix in Flames (moderate)

A quick post today, I’m feeling a little lazy. I went to Phoenix in Flames↑ and messed around some more with angles and Windlight.

Phoenix in Flames (moderate)

I keep thinking I have more than a week to get things done before Christmas but every now and then some nasty person will pop up to crush my hopes.

Phoenix in Flames (moderate)

Before I fight the kittens for wrapping paper and tape and ribbons (they’ve opened all the parcels under the tree by the way), I need to indulge in my own personal annual tradition.

Phoenix in Flames (moderate)

It maybe the only time I listen to Gayla Peevey↑, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without her and it is appropriate for hippo-addicted SL↑. :p

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  1. Spiral Silverstar

     /  December 22, 2012

    Kitten? You have kittens and we have not seen any photos!?? Boooooo!! We want Pics!
    Please? :-)

  2. It sounds as they are no longer under the couch…

  3. The post title made me think you spent time at Hairy Hippo Fun Land in Bay City.

  4. thanks for sharing the hippo song! :)


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