Dryland (and Art) in Second Life

Dryland (moderate)

Regular readers will know that I have a “thing” for the desert. And rust. So you’ll not be surprised that my immediate reaction to this photo↑ was to rush inworld and visit Dryland↑.

Designed by Anita Witt↑, this lovely expanse of parched earth is a new art gallery and installation space↑, as well as a landscape that will dry out your soggy (if, like me, you’re stuck in a rainforest) soul.

Dryland (moderate)

“A giant dried out lake, a parched and barren lake bed with hulks of old rusted ships, now resting on the dried cracked mud. A once desert island with decayed warehouse buildings which now holds a gallery. The surrounding landscape slowly being occupied by gypsies, carnies and tradespeople. This is Dryland …”

Dryland (moderate)

I admit I spent considerable time aiming my camera at the sand. And rust. I envy those that live in the areas of the world with huge skies and arid climates, I don’t know what I’m doing in a water-soaked environment.

This isn’t a post-apocalyptic world, at least not in the traditional “omg we blew everything up” sense. It’s more of the aftermath of our indifference to nature and what happens when our presence has a devastating impact we then have to live with.

Dryland (moderate)

To me it’s beautiful. The art is great as well! *grin*

You need to poke around the gallery and the community of squatters to find the works. One artist has appropriated an old shipping container for an interactive exhibit (those with talent will exploit whatever they can get).

Take a break from the snow and go visit Dryland↑. I’m sure you’ll spend less time mucking around in the sand, and more focused on the artists’ works, than I. Today I just needed the dust. :)

Dryland (moderate)
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  1. Thank you for this nice review of my sim :)


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