Finding a Sympathetic Reindeer in Second Life

Santa’s Workshop (general)

I went to visit Santa’s Workshop↑ hoping to get motivated. I haven’t done a Christmas Card yet and I still have a pile of “stuff” that’s supposed to turn into a couple of real life gifts. Then there are a couple of things I want to make inworld. And none of it is done!

The pressure is enormous.

Santa’s Workshop (general)

Mostly I played with Windlight. There are now over 700 settings on my list and I don’t know what most of them do (and can never remember the others). I tried to convince myself it was a necessary learning exercise, you know combining Windlight with snow and water and the Northern Lights. But I’m just messing around to distract myself from the things I haven’t done.

Santa’s Workshop (general)

I did notice that there seems to be a lot of “play” at the North Pole and not a lot of “work”.

The train ride is very cool and the sleigh tour and the elves having a snowball fight. In fact it’s all very cute and intriguing, but I really didn’t see any massive effort to get ready for the big day.

Santa’s Workshop (general)

I arrived there in my hamster guise (she’s the only one with a Christmas dress and I went to a party yesterday). As a Tiny she doesn’t really fit the poses etc. I did have a nice long talk with Rudolf though (Santa ho-ho-ho’d a lot but wasn’t very sympathetic).

Rudy assures me that they do things at the last minute as well. Guess I’m in good company. :)

Santa’s Workshop (general)
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  1. Spiral Silverstar

     /  December 20, 2012

    Okay, that’s enough SL lollygagging!! Time to get those Christmas chores done!! :-))

  2. Ye Gods, if I had 700 windlight settings, my butt would grow into the sofa cushions.

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