Stardust, Conspiracies & Slebrity in Second Life

I never seem to be able to make it to ‘openings’, I’m either early or late but I try and get there. Yesterday afternoon SLT, a new exhibit opened at MiC Imaginarium↑.  It also opened in the physical world at the Margutta of Rome↑ (here’s a video↑ of opening night at the RistorArte).

Both installations are an homage to the fabulous, sultry, and talented Monica Vitti↑. I’ve tried to think of a contemporary actress I could name, for those unfamiliar with her, that would give you a sense of her place in the film world, but I’ve failed. I don’t think we have this kind of “star” anymore.

The pieces in Second Life will be shown in a machinima in Rome on January 14, 2013. At the same time, the real life works will be auctioned off. See Nessuno’s blog post↑ for a complete list of the SL artists who have contributed stars honouring this icon (and include him as well, since he didn’t).

Now, because my brain tends to find strange patterns in totally unrelated events etc., I have to tell you about a video I watched yesterday. A friend tweeted a link to a totally bizarre rant↑ by one of those (to me) really odd conspiracy theorists who get way more airtime than you’d think they deserve. It turns out all those people preparing for a zombie apocalypse should actually have been worried about clockwork elves. No really! The reason for the tweet and the link is that he mentions Second Life.

What I found interesting, apart from this conspiracy I had no idea existed, is that in his expose of the dangers of our virtual world he talks about SLebrity. Of all the things outsiders mention when they diss the grid (sex, money, sex, get a life, sex) this is the first time I’ve seen a rant about people wanting to achieve fame.

Oh there are residents who bring it up (and a few conspiracy minded bloggers) but either this guy has an avatar (and is hiding that fact) or he knows one of our nuttier colleagues.

Having an art exhibit open that is dedicated to a world famous celebrity at the same time I saw a man foaming at the mouth about Slebrity seems more than a simple coincidence. (cue woowoo music)

SLebrity just means a few people know your name, it doesn’t have to mean you actually did anything and achieving the status by itself is nothing to put on your resume. It’s much like people achieving fame in the physical world just because they get drunk and stupid. Monica Vitti though, that’s what a real star looks like. :)

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  1. Did I ever tell you that I have a soft spot for Canadians? Mostly when they celebrate Monica…


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