On Movies & Magic & My Big Mouth in Second Life

I saw this wonderful image↑ by ConnieSec and realized I haven’t explored The Untroubled Sound↑ in a very long time. If you want a beautiful harbour to visit, and one that because of it’s location in New Zealand is totally untouched by snow, then this is something you have to see.

Due to the precocious nature of one of my nephews I spent a few years accompanying him to movie sets. I did a little work as an extra and you know how the stars always complain about sitting around and waiting, or the tough weather conditions they have to suffer? Try being an extra.

You might think that filming would be easier inworld – at least nobody would have to stand out in freezing rain for hours looking happy and excited. It’s still a pain. Just ask those who assisted with the season’s final episode of The Blackened Mirror. Those hardy souls endured shape morphing, skin colouration and lots of “hurry up and wait”. Hours of it.

The good news is that their acting talents are such that none of the hardship shows in their performances. You’ll see them at the end of this 10 minute bit of celluloid brilliance↑. I thank them again for their patience and amazing talent!

I’ve whined and moaned about my narcoleptic computer to the point that you’re probably as tired of it as I am. Last night I spent a long time in conversation with the brilliant Sean McPherson↑ – a true genius when it comes to many things, including hardware. Sean figured out that the power pack on my machine was actually delivering about 50% of what it claimed (don’t use a shop assembled machine if they pick the cheapest parts). This meant it had been straining for the past 7 months to run the video card I’d put in there.

So I, me, myself, and my screwdriver removed the pack from my old machine, installed it in this one and attached the wiring. /me grins  It works!!! Many thanks to Sean for his patience and assistance and assurance that I could probably do it (although I never did look at the manual he linked for me). :)

Prim Perfect↑ is hosting a series of discussions during the SL Christmas Expo. I don’t know how Saffia talked me into it, but I’m the one on the hot seat at 3:00 pm slt today↑. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about, it could get a little strange. My big worry is that she’s a lot like Barbara Walters and will try and make me cry. If you happen to be inworld and you’re bored, come and see what happens. I doubt there will be much of crowd. :)

You should be there at 5:00 pm slt, when 3 very talented designers will continue their discussion about mesh↑.  A chance to pick the brains of Maxwell Graf↑, Kriss Lehmann↑ and Loz Hyde↑ sounds like a much better idea than my ramblings.

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  1. Grace

     /  December 17, 2012

    We are on a mission to clone Sean, please join us if you’d like!

  2. More lovely photos, Honoour. Thank you :)

  1. Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Beauty of an Unfinished Sound « Prim Perfect

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