It’s a Cloudy Day in Second Life

Idle Rogue (moderate)

Today’s images are from Idle Rogue↑an asylum for creators, builders, artists and scoundrels. There is probably a case to be made that this description applies to the entire galaxy of virtual worlds.

Unfortunately (apart from much of what is going on in the real world, which I won’t touch on) I received some bad news for those of us in the asylum.

Idle Rogue (moderate)

The gentleman, scholar, punster, lover, and friend known as Lalo Telling has left us. He touched a great many people and the rest of us can only hope we leave behind a small fraction of the many who cared so deeply for him. He made a difference and he was loved.

Apart from his impact on individuals, Lalo left a legacy of work on the history of Second Life that will remain a resource benefiting all of us. If you’ve never seen the Seconderth↑ series it’s something you should really go read. Just click on the SLHistory tags and see the volume of information he uncovered and archived for us.

I’m already missing him but I’m very, very thankful he was in my life.

Idle Rogue (moderate)

On a personal note I should probably give you some news because it’s bound to creep into my idle musings. Late yesterday two 14 week old characters of the feline persuasion came to live with me. I’m delighted. They’re not as convinced that this is a good thing.

I don’t know them well yet but I can already say they don’t have a great deal of judgment when it comes to dogs. My almost 16 year old is deaf, crippled and thinks anything with 4 legs wants to play. She’d thrilled they have arrived. They just growl at her and look menacing (luckily she can’t hear this or her feelings would be hurt).

Idle Rogue (moderate)

The 5 pound princess-in-her-own-mind, on the other hand, they view with friendly interest. I doubt that’s going to end well but I’m sure they’ll all sort it out.

I do intend to take pics (people started wanting them as soon as I announced their presence). First, however, I have to convince them to come out from under the couch. The good news is that Fergus McVeigh and Duff Patrick, the cats I’m sure will be ruling my life, are helping me think about the future.

Hug those you love while you can. We lose far too many of them.

Idle Rogue (moderate)
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