Christmas Lists, or What Do You Get a Robot in Second Life

WatchTower (moderate)

Today’s post is going to seem totally random (like that’s a change!). I wound up on this really pretty island called WatchTower↑ – it seems to be all private homes and I’m so jealous they get to live there.

I went all artsy-fartsy and chose the Places – Babbage windlight because it reminded me of many Christmas cards you see.

WatchTower (moderate)

This, however, made me start thinking about the whole list thing you have to do at this time of year; make a card, make some gifts, buy some gifts. Who is on your list and what you want to do for each of them. The latter gets modified by the consideration of “what you can”, “what they’ll want”, and “do they really care if you do” type of thoughts.

Oddly enough I don’t send cards in RL, it was a decision I made a long time ago and have never regretted.

WatchTower (moderate)

I do like to send something inworld though because I don’t always keep up with people as I should (yes, I’m bad at that). Making gifts would be easier if I was better at it. I really am the “perfectionist with little talent and no patience” type, which just means a lot of frustration.

Then you have to take the potential recipient’s personality/proclivities into consideration. Like the %&##%)& Robot↑.  On a good day he’s cranky (there a few of those, really!), on a bad day you’re reminded why we don’t want them as overlords. He gets way too much stuff and I don’t think he even opens it. A gift certificate for a robotic dermabrasion would be useful but he’d never get around to it.

WatchTower (moderate)

There’s also the whole issue of time. I’ve gone insane in the physical and decided to make two gifts  – crafty I’m not and there are none of those SL building tools that make the virtual life so much easier. I’ll work on the card when I can.

As a gift to all of you though, I’ll remind you of  just two of the blogs you should be reading (my blogroll is there for a reason). I found this island thanks to Caminante de Suenos↑, she always has great places to visit. While I was there I saw an adorable little penguin from the place that Ricco Saenz↑ just blogged. His photos and text are outstanding and you should keep him on your bookmarks.

I’ll just go ponder that list. :)

WatchTower (moderate)
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  1. Bailey’s and Jack Daniels, of course.


  2. I feel… honour-ed :-)

  3. What great blog picks! I really have to start reading peoples blogrolls, instead of just looking for my name, and collapsing into a two hour sobbing fit, or leaping around the room and bellowing until someone sits on me. Usually a robot, who,if I ruled the world, I would tell to leave me the f*** alone, then reduce the alphabet to the letters v-i-r-t-u-a-l-c-h-s-n-e so I would be the only person on every blog roll in the whole entire world. Chai tea has so much more caffiene then I could have imagined.


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