Photography Odds & Ends in Second Life

Leroy (moderate)

I’m going to whisper this post so, please, read it very softly! I’ve been spending most of time trying to cure this computer of narcolepsy – I am so far behind in my work that I’m a basket case. However. I made another change yesterday and, so far, it seems to have made a difference.

Maybe I’ll get my long list of outstanding stuff done! Before I head off to do that I’ll catch you up on a few photography related bits and pieces. Oh and it’s winter on Leroy↑, always a great sim to visit. :)

Leroy (moderate)

The newest beta viewer↑ addresses the tiling bug issue and there are great results being reported↑. I’ve only had a brief time to experiment but I did have the same black bar appear over 4000 pixels. Unfortunately, in some windlight settings I’m getting those vertical stripes↑ – I need to play with that and see what I’m doing wrong.

Update: OK this is embarrassing but I did fix the vertical lines. Double check all the graphics settings when you try out the beta. I have no idea why post-production was set to low but ……. *grin*

I’ll be so relieved if this means I don’t have to spend hours removing tiling artifacts anymore. :)

Leroy (moderate)

I would love to become a better photographer in all my lives and have been looking for online training. I saw this article↑ which led me to this class↑. I’ve signed up and am really looking forward to it. I suppose it’s only appropriate that the focus for this next session is the human form – my least successful subject matter. :)

There is nothing in the course description that says the virtual is out of bounds – so I’m hoping that, if I keep a low profile, the fact of my Second Life presence will be lost in a sea of 25,000 students. :p

Leroy (moderate)

Inworld photography contests are always fun, and an opportunity to win some money. NeoVictoria is hosting a repeat↑ of the one they held last year and it’s a wonderfully atmospheric build to capture. If I can find the time I’ll certainly enter once again. Just remember that, although it’s an adult sim, sex is not an appropriate subject.

I have to head out now and see if I can get a week’s worth of work done in a day. Just send coffee!

Leroy (moderate)
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