When You Can’t Say Goodbye in Second Life

Tempura Island (moderate)

Moody photos, moody post today. It’s a painful time and I need to share a few preachy thoughts. They won’t stick in your mind, but I’ll have them out of my head for at least a brief period.

One of the magical things about the metaverse/social networks/internet in general is that it expands our individual communities.

Tempura Island (moderate)

Our circle of friends and acquaintances is full of hundreds of people we would never have encountered otherwise. They touch us in many ways, even if we don’t realize it at the time.

This extraordinary ability to meet and get to know individuals from all over the world enriches our lives and multiplies the happiness we experience.

Tempura Island (moderate)

The downside to having so much laughter and affection and respect for this great number of people is that we also feel the pain of so much more loss.

It’s impossible to take comfort from a death. What I hope for all of those we lose is that they know two things; they are loved and they made a difference.

Tempura Island (moderate)

We rarely, if ever, get a chance to say goodbye. Don’t wait until it’s too late to let people know that you’re glad they are part of your story.

You’ll still feel the pain of their loss, but at least you’ll know you gave them that much.

Tempura Island (moderate)
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  1. I’m deeply moved. Hugs, Honour.

  2. You’ve read and displayed my thoughts in this blog. I totally agree :)

  3. Well said, Honour, very well said. Hugs. Letting go is never easy.
    Best regards with the photography classes. Sounds really awesome! I’d sign up if I could, maybe someday.


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