A Tower Rose Up in Second Life

If you think about it, our grid is quite magical. Extraordinary things appear overnight to amaze, delight, terrify or discomfort us.

For example, 24 hours ago there was no flower blossom floating on the water in this location↑. There was nowhere for it to send you if it had decided to bloom, but both exist now.

The UWA↑ curates LEA6↑ and this month their artist is Rebeca Bashly↑. She has the space for the calendar month, and not wanting to waste any of that time, she installed her exhibit in a day.

We’re very lucky, it means we have almost the entire month to enjoy this work of art!

The Tower is a symbol of restrictions in space and thought. It doesn’t take any imagination to get that sense of limitations, and the frustration and emotion those limitations impose.

You begin by climbing the wide set of stairs up into the higher reaches of the structure. Using the flowers to teleport, you visit the individuals subsumed by or struggling to escape their conditions.

There are times when capturing images is so easy I feel superfluous. Rebeca’s creations are stunning. The lighting, background and atmosphere are brilliant and require no slider manipulation. My only two choices here were composition and which of the resulting captures to include.

This is a very powerful piece. More than that though, it’s a demonstration of an artist’s talent and skill, not only in the presentation of her vision but in the creation of these pieces.

You should go visit The Tower↑ before it disappears down into our magical sea.

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