Going Completely Off Track about Second Life

Note: This post gets totally off-track and lacks coherence. Just look at the pics and use the captions to visit these sims. :)

I’m sure, at some point in the past few years, I’ve shared the Pyri Fun Fair↑ – that rat infested, creepy Linden Mole↑ fairground that sits on top of a mountain.

I was thinking about the Moles today because one of them↑ recently passed away. She’s not the only resident↑ we lost this week, which always sucks.

North Forepaw (moderate)

I was going to talk about how the journey to our destinations is half the fun. There’s a back entrance to the Fun Fair and my images show you the way in reverse, because that’s the direction I traveled.

However, I had a conversation with a friend about what we leave behind in the virtual when our physical selves are no longer around.

North Forepaw (moderate)

We build things in this world, whether it’s cities or venues or relationships or memories (etc., etc., etc.,). Pixels persist even when we’re gone; if nobody deletes those builds by Hyper Mole she still has a presence on the grid. The music and art and laughter that Circe fostered remain.

North Forepaw (moderate)

I’m not going anywhere too profound with this, the loss of a loved one in any reality hurts and can’t be trivialized. I do think, though, that there’s a type of immortality offered in the metaverse.

I will not be leaving any lasting legacies in real life, memories of me will die with those who knew me. It’s comforting (to me at least) to know that, unless every pixel I’ve created gets wiped in some major asset server calamity, some part of me will always be present in the virtual.

North Forepaw (moderate)
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  1. … or so you think.

    Not only am I keeping that armillary around forever, but there’s also the deep psychological scars I will always carry from our time together at Avatar Games.

    So there!

    -ls/cm <3

  2. @Honour Huggs. Thanks for putting some of my thoughts into words.
    @Crap :P (or to be more loquacious …. if anyone can haunt the Grid long after they are gone, I’m sure it would be you.)


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