An Update on Beta Graphics Changes in Second Life

Caldera (moderate)

Unlike women, Beta Viewers don’t improve with age. At least that would be my conclusion based on recent experience.

I told you a few days ago↑ how happy I was with the graphics changes in the new [Second Life 3.4.3 (267135)] version. Something very odd happened yesterday.

Caldera (moderate)

First, it took a very long time for textures to load – which surprised me because that was the big benefit of the recent Beta.

The last few shots I took (which would be the brightly coloured ones in yesterday’s post) had vertical stripes on them. I thought at the time it was something in the environment that the creators had achieved.

After I published I went back inworld and landed on my front porch. All I could see were stripes and I knew they weren’t supposed to be there.

Caldera (moderate)

I captured the first two images today in the new production viewer (I’ll tell you about my adventures with that beast another time). Then I went back into the Beta and took the one above without shadows turned on. (Yes, it’s a lousy photo, just pay attention here).

See what happens when I enable shadows, and that’s the only change I made.

Caldera (moderate)

I checked to see if a new version had installed when I wasn’t looking, but it’s the one from November 19. It had a very short period of usefulness. Maybe there were changes inworld that are incompatible – whatever the reason, it sucks.

Sure my “good angel” tells me I should report the problem, however JIRA was always an intimidating experience and, now that it’s a closed box, I can’t deal with it. Somebody braver than I should tell them it’s having indigestion.

I’m going ice fishing.

Caldera (moderate)
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  1. I am glad to be a woman… ;)

  2. I don’t simply improve; I expand! Ho, ho, ho!

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman ….

    Does it look like that inworld too? I can remember seeing effects like that in Fate Gardens some time back when i fiddled with my graphics settings to take some photos, it was to do with lights.

    You’re far more into this photo business than I. so forgive my ignorance.

    • Oh yes, it looks exactly like that inworld. :) It doesn’t matter if I’m indoors or out of doors, standard daylight, or windlight. As soon as I turn on shadows those stripes appear. And your womanhood didn’t last THAT long, luckily :P
      It may have something to do with lights – pffft I don’t know. But it is weird to move through the stripes and find more behind them :)

  4. I’ve never had a successful JIRA. Support Cases rock, usually, but JIRAs are left to the whims of whomever. I’ve blogged about my history with JIRAs but just thinking about looking up the cases now makes me sick.

    • And we can no longer look at JIRA’s if somebody else created them – or if we created them but they’ve moved into some early stage.

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