Second Life, “all this is but a dream”

Empyreal Dreams (moderate)

I have some really bad news. I think it’s important or I wouldn’t do this to you, so understand I have only your best interests at heart. Brace yourselves, find your center and make sure there are no breakable objects nearby.

It turns out all the doomsayers were correct. Second Life disappeared↑, went the way of the Dodo, it died/expired/vanished/poofed. The words are there, in print, so it must be true.

Remember when you were a child and you were going to sail off in a “beautiful pea green boat”? Well, you did. The phrase “Your World, Your Imagination” was more correct than we knew.

Empyreal Dreams (moderate)

Oh, Inara↑ and Ciaran↑ are still in denial, but we are going to face the facts dammit! That visit you made inworld yesterday? It was a total figment of your deluded mind.

The village you entered and roleplayed within for hours? Cloud-cuckoo-land. All those people you met and spoke with? Mirages.

Those skills you’ve learned, the builds you’ve made, the clothes you bought, and that giant lag inducing inventory you hang on to? It’s all an hallucination – probably something you ate.

Empyreal Dreams (moderate)

It’s easy enough to explain your hookups, marriages, divorces and kinky fetish memories of a world that doesn’t exist. Wet dreams. Really, really, intricate and bizarre wet dreams.

I know you’re probably wondering why you think you’ve talked to some of “those people” in real life. How you can gchat or skype with individuals you’ve created from some dark perverse corner of your brain. If you’re worried about your sanity, imagine how they’re going to feel!

Empyreal Dreams (moderate)

There is one small flicker of hope for all of us who have imagined this particular non-existent world. The great philosopher John Lennon once said: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

I am trying to cling to that position because otherwise I have to find professional help. Somebody, somewhere is going to have to explain exactly what a naked hamster in a purple forest means and the possibilities terrify me. :(

Empyreal Dreams (moderate)
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  1. Pffft. You’re just a figment of my imagination.
    Hush, figment!


  2. well .. in terms of technology that would revolutionize the world, he is right. It never happened, and I am so grateful for that. We are a niche of the size of a mid-sized town, we mostly go happily after our virtual business and we feel no need for all those facebookkers

    Am I a snob ? hmmm ….

  3. Who’s to say what is real and what it a figment of one’s imagination…..
    According to Albert Einstein “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

    Reality and dreams have two different meanings of life …. Reality shows the facts about life, and your dreams are just an imagination moment.

    A really great blog Honour, people like you make it a whole lot more fun.

  4. But I love to dream and my mind is such a fragile thing already. Why would one want to take my imagination? Please don’t.
    Wonderful post.

  5. Inara Pey

     /  November 29, 2012

    See? You do it again! I take a thousand + words. You take a handful … and sprinkle them with depth and perception, damnit! :).

    Beautifully and well put.

  6. I have over 10K photos taken of my imagination. I should show them to my shrink.

  7. We all live in Schrödinger’s Box. It just takes some people longer to realize it than it does others.

  8. Second Life *is* the therapy! (even Philip knows that, or used to). RL is illusion.

  1. “The mingling of a million dreams; a reflection of our collective imagination” | Living in the Modem World

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