Ignoring My Testosterone-Challenged Real World Issues in Second Life

Water Reserve (moderate)

I’m of the old school. You know, “If God had wanted us to do everything ourselves She wouldn’t have invented the Yellow Pages”. Unfortunately this philosophy only works if you can afford to pay for other people to do the things you can’t or don’t want to deal with.

My two least favourite challenges involve electrical wiring and plumbing. My recent past involved both, so I went to a sim↑ suggested by the marvelous Inara Pey↑ to try and recover my equilibrium. It has been winterized since she visited but was still a nice escape. You can just look at the images and ignore my whining. :p

Water Reserve (moderate)

My 91 year old Mother is of an even older school. In her mind, if a task requires even a modicum of thinking, it has to be undertaken by a testosterone driven individual. I don’t try very hard to dissuade her because it means I don’t have to get involved. My Brother or Brother-in-law wind up working on things I’d rather not attempt.

The other day my BiL installed a new garbage disposal (convincing a really elderly person not to put plum pits through a garburetor [a Canadian word for the thing] is beyond my capabilities). The operation was successful and the new machine works as it should.

However, the dish washer stopped draining. Even I could figure out the connection, and wound up with a hammer and screwdriver under the sink removing the plug that prevented the water from actually carrying out its journey.

Water Reserve (moderate)

I then spent hours inside the bowels of this computer trying to identify/fix the problem with it shutting down all the time. It’s strange enough to think of me messing with software – hardware and its attendant wiring is theatre of the absurd. It’s one step past the old “stare at the car engine in the hope that something speaks to you” and into the “bang on it and see if anything happens”.

After hours of messing with the most illogical set of connections and anonymous bits of metal, I’ve concluded that (to the use the car metaphor again) the problem is the starter. Or, at least, one of the problems is in that area.

Water Reserve (moderate)

Two more items added to my joy in the past 48 hours. I used a laptop to do some research while this thing was lying in pieces on my desk. It has Internet Explorer on it and I discovered that my images are distorted when I view the blog with that browser. I’ve included that on my list of things I’m not getting done but intend to address. Add the multitude of browser incompatibilities to the things I don’t want to have to fix.

This morning I kicked the machine awake and went to make coffee while it grumbled. When I got back it was doing “Startup Recovery”. It said it might take a few minutes … after 10 I lost patience and clicked the ONLY button that wasn’t greyed out. The “cancel” button.

The message I got in return was that “this operation cannot be canceled”. You might wonder why the #%*$ button was there to be selected if I wasn’t allowed to do it. Me? I added Microsoft Utilities to electricity, plumbing, and browser issues as the list of things I really don’t think should be my job.

Just ask my Mother. As a testosterone-challenged individual I can’t be expected to do everything!

Water Reserve (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  November 28, 2012

    “This operation cannot be cancelled” – that’s right out of HHG. “What happens if I press this button?” “I wouldn’t if I were you.” *click* “Oh.” “What happened?” “A light came on saying, ‘Please do not press this button again’.”

    Seriously, I emphasize (and am starting to believe our lives may be somehow reflective of one another). I’ve recently been having PC issues, up to and including it opting to restart on me and – when I restart it – sitting there issuing a stream of high-pitched “beeps” at me while the screen reverts to the HP blue splash screen. Fortunately, I do have tame IT help for times like this. Unforunately, he happens to be working out of the country right now …

    Regarding testosterone-fuelled help. I can always send over my father to leand a hand house-wise. He’s very keen when it comes to help. Really … I’m still not quite over the fact that in 2009 I asked him to come fit a new sink-top for me – and 10 days later I had an entire new utility room downstairs and a new office in one of the bedrooms. His reason? “Well, you were thinking of doing it, weren’t you.”

    I’m terrified of mentioning the garden has room for a swimming pool …

    • LOLOLOL As long as I don’t actually have to get involved he can do whatever project he likes :) And there’s a decoder chart for those beeps although I’m not sure (given all the options) that it will clarify anything :) http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm

      • Inara Pey

         /  November 28, 2012

        Thanks… I’ve actually tried that page. The problem is, the beeps are so rapid, it’s impossible to identify it they are simply continuous, or a single stream of X number being constantly repeated. The closest I can get is a memory (RAM) problem. I shall be putting Tame IT Guy on it when he returns to these shores.

      • /me grins It’s not like us civilians were supposed to be able to figure it out. Good luck!

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