Occupy Art That Crossed Realities in Second Life

I did some random teleporting around LEA this morning and found some exciting installations, all of which are still under construction. I was good and I’ll wait til they’re done. :)

What I did find, that is complete, is Occupy Wall Street, The Roads↑.

I’m very late coming to this exhibit which was part of the anniversary Occupy Wall Street Boston show that opened on October 1. It was featured live at the opening and afterwards as machinima.

If anybody can find a link to either information on the exhibit, or that machinima, please let me know – I’ll add them. :)  My research skills are inadequate this morning.

The installation has been built by the Caerleon Isle Two group. This is a powerful work, full of anger and a sense of purpose.

It’s not surprising that the virtual world reflects the political emotions of the physical. The fact that something created inworld was used to augment the real world exhibit is a testament to the lack of boundaries in “popular” movements.

I missed the chance to participate in the mixed reality project by a group including Ian Pahute↑, but not through a lack of desire. If you have a computer that shuts down on a whim it’s tough to do anything that requires “presence” during a fixed period.

This was an opportunity to not only explore something full of genuine conviction, but also explore an exhibit that the real world has enjoyed. It exposed them to Second Life and the talent we know on the grid. Go experience some politics that doesn’t revolve around interpersonal whiny drama. :)

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