Blogging Second Life in Numbers

What would life be without arithmetic? Sydney Smith

We count things. It’s a way of keeping track or maybe keeping score, but everything in our lives is counted. This blog for example. I’ve been thinking about numbers for weeks because WordPress kept showing me that the posts I’ve published were getting close to 1,000.

This blog occupies a very tiny portion of a small corner of teh interwebs that is the world we know as Second Life. It and my other outreaches to social networking are not significant (if you’re counting) in anything but the way they report on, augment, and reflect this Life that Honour lives – “an ill-favoured thing sir, but mine own” (Shakespeare). When I click on that button today the counter will display that big round group of digits. So my musings on this occasion will be about some of the numbers in my life.

I moved the idle ramblings over here to WordPress a little more than a year ago (but imported the old posts) so I haven’t published them all on this platform.

I try and write something everyday but don’t always succeed. I get up between 4 and 5 am (because I like mornings) and aim for a new post by 8 (that’s SLT). WordPress has a clock which, oddly enough, doesn’t believe in anything but Daylight Savings Time. For much of the year it’s off by one hour.

Doing this many posts, of course, means that there are a lot of images. There are 15,976 SL photos on this hard drive. I started to panic because I was reaching the limit on this blog’s storage quota – I didn’t want to move it again. It finally occurred to me to create a second blog just to act as a photo sink (I’m slow but the bulb lights up eventually).

I’m always astonished that people read this thing. I do actually pay attention to hits and subscriptions and follows. Those numbers go up when I say or do something controversial but that’s the nature of things. I appreciate every person who takes the time to look at what I’ve done (in my mind I’m certain that you all read every single word).

I limit the number of online social platforms I utilize – primarily because I can’t keep up. So Plurk and Twitter and Koinup are my three. I read somewhere that I’m supposed to worry about the ratio of people I follow to the number who follow me. Bullshit! I can tell you that the number of friends I’ve made is important because they are, but I’m totally uninterested in battling anybody in supremacy for anything.

In Second Life itself I’ve had homes in 7 locations, acquired a large number of friends and met too many fascinating people to count. My inventory (which really needs to be organized) is back up to 17, 645 – remember I don’t shop much. Most of the contents are a result of my texture/avatar/skin whoredom.

One last number I’ll consider here is age. Inworld I’m about 5 1/2 years old. My friend Ahuva↑ tells me it’s my fault that people think my physical world age is much older than it is. I do tend to exaggerate when referring to myself but that’s mostly intended as hyperbole.

Many of my friends are in their early twenties so, yes, I often feel ancient. But, if you’re imagining some little old lady hunched over a keyboard then I guess I should apologize. I’m not in my 90s, 80s, 70s, or even 60s (yet).

I have lots of time left to add to the numbers and maybe get things right. :)

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  1. … but it’s sooooooooooooooooooo much more fun to get things wrong.


  2. 50s is close enough ;) [my 5th rezday’s soon; I was 56 when I joined]

  3. Wait, doesn’t your Plurk profile say you’re 82?

    I recently read someone refer to you as a “woman of age” and I wondered when do we reach that age? I’m of some age. (I had to do the math to figure out that I’m 43.) But those 20s are of some age too, right?

    Another number: first. Yours is the first blog that I read after I’ve posted to my own. I’m much like you, I’m up before the ass crack of dawn, because that’s my only alone time. I enjoy the wee small hours. I like to take pics and post a blog first thing. It makes me feel accomplished, and gives me something to think about for the rest of the day.

    Here’s to 1,000 more.

    • Thank you and yes my plurk age shows me as 82. That’s because I didn’t want to put my “real” number in so just picked the highest one it would allow me. Now it increases every year on my birthday. :P
      And thank you for your number – I’m extremely flattered!

  4. Inara Pey

     /  November 25, 2012

    Congrats on the big 000 (with the “1” up front, of course!). Nice to know there’s someone there older than me ;-).

    Re: WordPress, you should be able to manually change the date via Settings. I did when the clocks changed here. It does tend to do interesting things to your blog stats, tho…

    I’ve nowhere near my WP limit for images, but I’ve started using the SL profile feed as a convenient means of posting images I may never use in a blog post but have enjoyed capturing. I have, however, filed away the “second WP account as a sink” idea for future reference – should I ever get that far.

    Here’s to another 1,000 posts and 15,000 more images :).

  5. @Whiskey: That “of an age” reference may have been in a blog of mine… but it’s about experience, not chronology. At minimum, there’s a 20-year spread among the people I hono(u)r with the phrase. :)

  6. I waste too much time looking through my brother’s Twitter account to have one myself. That’s why I haven’t Plurked in forever – It is too time consuming. About the only social media I use for myself is the MySL feeds. Oddly enough, I know only two people other than family iRL that actually have computers. We FaceTime and txt, but that’s all.

    About this old lady thing …. you are more of a seasoned citizen. Don’t let it get to you that I’m decades younger than you :P

    1000 posts? That’s a lot. What is more important, though, is that even one of your posts is worth hundreds from most people. You are thoughtful, creative, and write well. Keep up the great work, Honour!

  7. Ellen Cordeaux

     /  November 25, 2012

    Hmms. Well, being 50-ish (whistles) in RL, and it feels my SL Avi is closer to 30-something….I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle in my head. :) But I digress…I suppose so many of varied ages follow your blog because it’s thoughtful and along with all the pretty. It’s refreshing, considering the other dreck out there. ;-)

  8. I’m sure the first blog post of yours I read was when you ejected someone from your front lawn…


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