On Fjords & Satyrs in Second Life

The year is 1423, and the Grand Duchy of Chanwood↑ is thriving in the North Sea. If you’re going to visit this role playing community I recommend you be careful about what form you assume on your journey (explanation to follow).

One of the essentials for any Intrepid Explorer toolkit is an OOC Observer tag. I couldn’t locate one at the landing spot, so wore my own.

This destination covers 4 regions, although two of them are primarily water. There is a strong sailing culture (well it’s the North Sea, fjords etc.) and one that incorporates multiple types of sentient beings. Herein lies my only gripe with, what I’m sure, is a wonderful group of people/orcs/centaurs etc.

When you land you are asked to ensure that you represent one of the species included in the community (which is only fair). They are grouped in three categories: good guys – such as humans, elves, gnomes; bad guys – including orcs, goblins, ogres (“subject to pelting with arrows and stabitystabitystabitystabitystabs”); and neutral.

There are a number of “neutral” species, one of which is Satyrs. Huh? Drow are consider Kill on Sight – but Satyrs are neutral?  I’ve known one or two lecherous man/goats in my life, there’s nothing neutral about them.

There is a metered combat system and you are supposed to wear it at all times – so far my OOC tag has protected me from attack but I’m not sure what would have happened if I’d been wearing one of my Drow skins. :)

I also suggest you dress warmly for this excursion. It’s cold up north and there were storms in the islands during my visit.

I’d like to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! I envy you your feasts. I’ll just head to a warmer sim and try to figure out how to counteract the Satyrs are Innocent Lobby Group.

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  1. Inara Pey

     /  November 22, 2012

    You did it again!

    I’ve been working on a piece about Charnwood on-and off for the last 2-3 weeks (once after almost getting chased out of town for wearing my default “Observers” tag, despite having spoken to the community leaders about spending time there exploring and chatting – my fault for leaving the tag prominent!). So far I have about 2 dozen photos, quotes and some bits previously posted to my feed.

    Think I may end up cutting my piece down to a “Whut she said” piece :). After all, you’ve encompassed it pretty much here far more succinctly than I could probably manage :). As my article on The Mountains Of The Moon seemed to be pretty much the kiss-of-death for that rp region (either that or it has gone into hiding since my piece on it lest I darken its doors again … ), leaving Charnwood to you may also not be a bad thing for the estate itself!

  2. Personally, I love satyrists :-D

  3. Duke Andor Rasmuson of Chanwood

     /  October 6, 2013

    I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this…thank you for the lovely article! While we’re no longer in Second Life, we have moved Chanwood to InWorldz. Sorry about any confusion over the OOC tags…we generally don’t allow them. However, special exceptions are made in certain cases, such as research and articles/photographers. We can even arrange tours and are happy to answer questions.
    P.S. We consider satyrs a neutral race because they’re naughty, not evil. ;-)
    P.P.S. “Charnwood” is an actual city in England, whereas “Chanwood” (coincidental relation) is fictitious. :-)

  4. Do come visit us in InWorldz Grid…we are up to 3 sims now!


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