Going Against the Tide in Second Life

Lower Manhattan (general)

The following is not in the nature of a complaint. It is, rather, a story about an anomaly in the world of “teh interwebs”. In fact, more than that, it is something which seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom and practice in almost every aspect of today’s world, both physical and virtual.

I have vented periodically about the lost of privacy, particularly online. This is a topic close to my heart and not just because I tend to reveal little personal information at anytime.

Lower Manhattan (general)

Data is gathered about us every time we do something. Total strangers and large corporations know an enormous amount about us and it’s stored and analyzed and locked into files that appear permanent.

Once you’ve put some piece of information out there you can’t hide it again. Someday this is going to cause a huge problem and there’s no going back. Linden Lab, however, did something that seems to be out of step with this approach to us and our personal information.

Lower Manhattan (general)

When I started out in Second Life I had a premium membership. I kept it for years while I owned great swaths of mainland and then (far too many) islands. I eventually downgraded and stopped bringing money inworld.

I’m a nester though, and I missed owning my own piece of the grid. I finally decided to upgrade once again. Yesterday I clicked on the appropriate button and told the system to change my status and take my money. It didn’t work. Repeatedly and with multiple browsers, it didn’t work.

Lower Manhattan (general)

I called the billing help and got a very cheerful guy who loves his job (OK that’s strange enough). He told me I had no payment info on file and that was required. ?!?!? Remember – I had spent thousands over the years. They used the credit card on my file to feed my land addiction and I had used my Paypal account to actually cash in some income I had made.

Linden Lab has erased those files. Contrary to all the existing philosophies of business operation, the Lab has deleted personal data about one of its customers. I find that odd yet very comforting.

I attached my Paypal account and I’m again a landowner. He asked if there was anything else he could do – I said “Yes, don’t let me spend thousands again!”. :)

Lower Manhattan (general)
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  1. Have fun with your land :-)

  2. Dedicate a credit card to it, then set the credit limit very low.


    • /me grins – I’m not going to attach any credit cards at all. :P Either I pay for this entirely out of inworld earnings or it’s not happening.


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